Sunday FunDay

Sunday is an exciting day and I have a ton of stuff to do but wanted to catch you all up on where we were. But FIRST! Today our studio, DDLC, is hosting Souren Baronian and his musicians for our Solo Performance Project. We usually do one or two of these solo projects a year.  The last time we brought them out was 2015? 2016? It was an amazing opportunity and experience.   I’ve been looking forward to it for about 2 months now!  We spend a lot of time prepping for this- we have dedicated workshops, entrances/exits- the different parts of the show- including practice in front of our peers with direct constructive feedback; private lessons with our instructor Kim Leary (whose wonderful and if you ever get a chance to study with her- please do!) and make a plan on what we would like to communicate with the band to try to make it as successful as possible. Working with a band is ALWAYS tricky- so preparing and being able to communicate is always wise.  I’m looking forward to sharing some of the event with you all later this week in another wrap up blog post and pictures! all the pictures!

My goal was to get Bewb Armor costume done for the show- but as usual- too much to do in not enough time.  More disappointingly- I couldn’t make any of the chain swag I have in stock really work (that whole “throwing shit at it” thing), of course the solution was to go buy 50$ worth of seed beads from Michaels- which means- A. I have too many of them- B. they have crappy inconsistent holes for stringing and C. I’m insane and there was no way I was finishing. (more on that in a wee bit)

Last we left- I was working on completing the back belt. I was running out of time- so I packed it up and took it on the road with me- Tuesday wasn’t successful because I indulged a little to much and wound up getting only about 6 medallions tacked down. Wednesday I had training- so I took it with me and worked on break!! Sometimes you have to take the show on the road!

photo collage maker_mycwoc1781272975..png

By Thursday night- the belt was coming along and I was feeling some kind of way.


And then- we find ourselves here:

photo collage maker_n9omty1397683345..png

I had work Friday night- and while I took this with me- I had a friend come up, which meant I had dinner, chatting instead of working. Saturday was blocked for a semi work day and essentially no work was accomplished.

After the long drive back from the ocean (where I was for work)- stopping at not one but two Michaels and picked up this assortment of beads- I really like the color and texture of them and it’s a completely different direction than I was intending to go, but sometimes- you just have to go with what your muse gives you. #fingerscrossed

I’d also like to point out- I’m sharing double pictures- because this is truly my life when I try to document pictures for my projects- just- all cat butt and face- all the time.

photo collage maker_smexib2066696161..png

I started thinking I would sew directly to the halter straps- then realized it there was a better way and made two little 1″ interface medallions to sew my long swags too. I did this for two reasons 1.) I wouldn’t have to lug around my whole bra in order to work on these and 2. I could make consistent length beads since they were independent and NOT attached as I sewed. Sewing directly to the costume would be more difficult to measure and more cumbersome next time I needed to take it on the go.  I ordered pizza, cracked a beer and got to work. Ultimately I made only two swags and stayed up till about 23:30 then finally quit because I knew I needed some sleep. 20180421_233609930314473.jpg

And that is pretty much where I left off before I gave up and crawled in bed!  Thankfully I have a variety of other costumes to wear so I wasn’t put out not completing- but still frustrating I didn’t get it done. no worries- I have another performance with a band in a 4 weeks- PLENTY of time to procrastinate and try to squeeze this in before then!

The next few posts are likely to be sporadic and a little more variety- because honestly- there is only so much I can write about making swag and fringe- it’s pretty fucking boring- and time consuming- so I’ll keep you posted, but I’m going to throw in some make up and “various” posts to keep plugging along!  Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

Till next time fearless costumers!


  1. Love the kitty photo bombs! I know that life lol!
    Dancing with a live band can be SO FUN!! I think my favorite is when the band is improv’ing, and my troupe is improv’ing. We just tell em how fast or slow we want, and a word or two of how we want the vibe to feel, and then we all party!
    Sadly, our troupe leader is closing up her studio & business in a month and taking an undetermined break from teaching while her finances and emotions heal. I completely feel for her! I’m sure our troupe will continue on in some way, but I’m not sure how much dancing we will be doing after that. We’ll figure it out though! ❤


    1. Hopefully you find some space on your own to train and work!! it’s always scary/frustrating- and “a thing” when you have to find something new!!! So I feel you. But you’ll work it out one way or the other.
      And yeah- I’m SUPER pumped about all the live band options I have this year- Just really exciting for me!


  2. Ah… Cats invading the ‘work’ space… Story of my life, lol!
    I’ve only ever danced with live music once (not counting drum pits at festivals… Those are more like jam sessions, haha) but it was a delight the one time. How cool!


    1. LOL- I have a whole FB group called Sewing With Cats- because it’s *SUCH* a thing- I don’t mind them too much- but it IS a reality of what we do 😉
      And YES to band- it’s such a great experience- I have a new post queued up shortly to share about the day! I try to make sure that I get the chance to dance with a band once or twice a year- and I’m thrilled this year I’m looking at as many as 3 times. Which for me, is a lot. So I’m pretty excited!


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