Bewb Armor Continued

Welcome back Fearless Costumers!

Last you left us on this journey- we were at the “beads and things” stage. First things first- I am returning unopened beads, they are as suspected, horrific. I’ve made a quick order on Fire Mountain to rectify this. I expect beads to arrive by this upcoming Saturday (fingers crossed-but I don’t know why- I’m going to be at a workshop for 2 days. WHO HAS TIME TO BEAD WHEN I HAVE TO DANCE!

Anyway back to the shitty beads-I have to use my absurdly tiny needles- I go through about 3 beads to every one that doesn’t fit or I accidentally snap it.  They are just too small. I know this. I always know this when I buy crappy small beads at Michaels or Joanns- but I just sometimes can’t help myself. Shame- Shame-Shame.

I’ve progressed from 1. 5 swags- to four total swags. My husband isn’t sold on my design concepts- but I’m going to keep going. I think I like it. It needs tweaking and if this doesn’t work- I’ll slap it on another costume- there is no wasted product.


Making beaded swags is an ungrateful and quite frankly boring process and I didn’t think I”d have much to share this week but fortunately I made more headway than I thought. AND-GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!

Fast forward a day or two- and I was considering setting this aside for the spring fling costume- (post pending!)- I need my other beads but fast forwarding- while doing some clean up, I remembered chain I had picked up with the beads.  I asked hubs what he thought of the beads- and he says “eh the chain might be a nicer.” So I cut them open and started draping. Collectively didn’t care for the chain itself-or the swag itself

BUT ….

Captain Planet

SUCCESS!  Remember back to the design post, “throw shit at it and see what you like?”- yeah- we are back to that concept-(feel like I should have said keep that in your back pocket- so keep that in your back pocket).  Because that’s exactly what went down. Only using all chain was too hard (JOKES) all bead was too soft (JOKES)- so I combined them just like motherfucking goldielocks for the right amount of texture. And everyone seemed pleased. WIN WIN!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once established, I needed more button base things (technical term) for the belt to attach chain and swag too.  I wasn’t crazy about the white interfacing showing through so I took the extra step to aid the black fabric on top- it also makes it a little thicker and  substantial less likely to have pull through. Fortunately this black fake suede fabric that doesn’t have a warp or weft- so I just cut it straight on top of the interfacing- no need to turn the edge at all.  (saved me a step and some bulk on the back.)

photo collage maker_tvmcy4947163863..png

As you can see here I used Belladonna’s custom made sword wax container to trace the circle shapes- but you know- any round thing will do. Shameless plug- said wax is amazing and smells delicious- and works super well for your sword so go talk to her about buying some- Anyway- once cut and covered with the “base” fabric- cover with the chiffon and we were ready to rock and roll with one tiny exception.

But, before I could make more swag, I needed to figure out where my belt would sit and estimate lengths of said swags. Too short and they pull- too long and they catch on your butt. It is SUPER important to make sure you test it out and everything is “just so” before putting all that work into swags and then none of them work.

For me that means, put it together using some clamps and giant binder clips to figure out where it needed to be.  Once that was done- I sewed one side together (top two pictures) with a 7/8″ snap and a pant hook/bar (middle picture)- bottom pictures showing you what it looks like when complete. I’ve only done the one- because I may need to adjust- easier to just move the one around then set the other hook- and the snap then have to re-do all three. It happens. No matter how hard you try- it almost always happens.

photo collage maker_z4rywr1448251068..png

Button medallions done- swag plan is in place: so I’m off to craft more swag.  Saturday blogging, swags- and gig night! not super productive- but I have been watching AggRetSuku- which- feels like my life and I adore it.

I’ve begun basic swags and will be able to report back this week on the project status!   Hopefully I’ll be wrapping this up by May 18th- I’d like to take this up to Maine for my trip to Rosa Noreen’s Leila Farid workshop (only a few spots left so sign up quickly if you want to come!!)
Speaking of- SUPER excited about the month of May- Michelle Sorenson is being hosted by Kirah here on the east coast for a back to back workshop weekend (TWO WHOLE DAYS OF DANCING!)- Zahra Noor is hosting the fabulous Chudney in Delaware.  Mahin of the “Daily Belly Dance” Quickies is going to be at DDLC May 23rd.


I am pleased as punch that I’m going to be travelling all over and dancing all over and just living my truth this month! I have been waiting SO LONG for May to get here- and NOW IT IS HERE!  THIS IS WONDERFUL- but again- hopefully- get this costume wrapped up quickly since I know I won’t have a ton of time to work on it!

Till next time fearless readers!

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