Got swag yo?!?!

Today on this episode of my crazy costuming life!- we start putting bits together, wrapping up the swags to tie the costume together- Angling to have this puppy done in 10 days!!! This weekend was NOT productive for me because I was away- dancing ALL THE DANCES in Long Island with the magnificent Michelle Sorenson hosted by my lovely  and talented friend Kirah!


She’s magic. If you can train with her- do it. You want to go be that David Bowie Unicorn- you know you do. Anyway- dance magic weekend over- I headed home and collapsed with my bag of ice for my slightly not functional ankle and bowl of popcorn- and got back on it!   Team Thigh ligthening tights- can be found (if you’re lucky!) here at GRRRL CLOTHING. No I don’t make money promoting them- I just really love them. So go on treat yor’self.

But enough about pants, on to the costuming.   Next stop was attaching chain to the buttons- so I attached two rings then attached the larger chain to those. The smaller chain had to be connected with another link- since my rings AND the larger chain were just to large in diameter to go through the small chain. This is a *wee* bit concerning to me as these types of thin chains pop lose under extreme shimmying- despite that, I continue to reach for it- mostly because it adds such a nice texture- hopefully it holds up!

The bottom pictures show where I used some rings to connect the chain to one or two strands of beads just to keep them semi connected higher up on the swag- so the bottom will move a little more freely and the top will stay a little more together. I may adjust this with wear.

Then I put a little button on the top to finish it all so it’s hidden and it looks like this! Nifty right?


Once I got that taken care of, I started playing around with the depth of the swag by adjusting where the one end piece was- ideally you want it to hit the deepest inset of your waist- drawing the eye to the “narrow” part- if you don’t have a narrow part- you sort of create one visually with the swag.  I did prefer the center picture- again where it hits the mid section a little better accenting my waist!

photo collage maker_ikhdcs2111469450..png

With that part set- the middle section I’d been dutifully avoiding (since I didn’t know what I wanted to do) finally jumped out at me and now it finally dawned on me- the metal medallions are malleable!! So I bent them all up and wrapped them around so it was one complete look. WIN!

photo collage maker_dtxtuw1896874587..png

I didn’t get very far this week- I’ve been battling my self esteem and depression- whom I have dubbed Marge.  Marge got the best of me to some extent- so I didn’t get a ton of work tonight- But I had a super delicious dinner he made for me and important time spent with hubs, all of which were a HUGE win for me.


Good news for you! That makes for a super short read for you all!  So that’s all I have for right now- Hubs is here and I’m done battling Marge- she took the night off thankfully- so popcorn- tea- hubs- and kitchen nightmares while I continue to try wrap up the chain and swag and get this wearable!!

Till next time fearless costumers!

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