DIY Bra Cutlets!

3-6 September 2018


This week I am starting on a new costume for a project since I have the materials on hand- the green hulk needs materials and those have to wait till I get past Essence- so I’m going to drive on to the next thing.  Unfortunately this bra needs some UMPH in the lift department so before I even got started on covering the bra I wanted to whip up these bad boys so I didn’t forget about it later at the last minute!

I cut out a small rectangle of batting and a square and stacked them on top then cut out squares from this most adorable gummy bear fabric! WHO DOES NOT LIKE GUMMY BEAR FABRIC

photo collage maker_hmpo3a1245102055..png

Then I started folding it on up!

photo collage maker_jooujn701723434..png

Once I had it all folded up- I pinned everything in place and then stitched it all together.


Then you wind up with something that looks like an English muffin wrapped up from WaWa! DELICIOUS!

photo collage maker_jhrjuw405460091..png

Repeat for the other side! Once that’s done- I take a few stitches in the center to essentially give a place for the nips to sit.

photo collage maker_yaewvv2147085198..png

It’s a bit difficult to see-but there’s a little indent in both pucks!  And when you’re done stuff them in there and watch the magic happen!  That’s what we call GAINS!

photo collage maker_izrwmt961219813..png

And once that’s done I can move upward and onward with the bra Make sure you stay tuned for more on the new costume.  Till next time fearless costumers!

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