Make Up Monday- Glow Edition

1 October 2018

Welcome back to Make Up Monday! I have so many shiny new products to share with you- get it – shiny products 😉  Today I have Melanie Mills Gleam Radiance  and Cover FX custom enhancing drops!

My dear friend Donna has been pimping both of these products for 2 years- if not more. So these past two months were the months that I picked them up.  We will start off with the Melanie Mills Gleam radiance products first then hit the Cover FX and I’ll show you a comparison of all my liquid highlighters (if I can fit them on my arm!)

Melanie Mills Gleam Radiance

I have a competition this September- I FINALLY decided it was time- but I had ZERO clue which one to buy.  Despite their cue cards and videos- I just needed to see for myself which ones would work- I have a very yellow under tone on my skin- but ruddie cheeks and a medium/pale completion which is kind of an odd combination- most pale pale people have pink under tones- but you work with what you have.

Thankfully they have a 10$ trial sample pack you can order which, the sample pack was 10 bucks and was 7$ shipping- so a little pricey for the whole thing- (worth a whole small bottle) but IMHO worth it knowing I was going to pick up a whole tube later.


You get six samples in a little mesh baggie and promo cards and six little containers of product. The only one that doesn’t come is light gold which I believe you can still order- but it’s being discontinued.  These are the little containers- as you can see product in that top one is sticking to the top a little bit- I think they pumped them into the containers then left them to sit for a while- which means I’m guessing the consistency is not the same as what you get in tube. Fair warning.


I swatched them for you in natural light:

photo collage maker_688soh2048539970..png

And there was a sale so with a 35% off code to pull the trigger- I picked up the smaller tubes of Opalescence, Disco Gold and Rose Gold. I was really on the fence between Rose Gold and Peach Deluxe but opted for the Rose Gold since it had more gleam and less glitter on my skin.

They come in a nondescript black bubble bag with no pomp and flare around the product.  The lotion is in a black mesh bag as before- and a handy card for reference of all the colors.

photo collage maker_ioexyc1271923658..png

One thing I have to say I really don’t like about this product is the fact the bottle itself isn’t labeled- just the easily removable white stick on label on the side. But I guess i can live with figuring out which one is which.
The cap on each one is sealed- so if  it’s broken- you can tell right away and get it replaced if you so chose.

photo collage maker_yyzkfh874118391..png

Moving forward I KNEW I wasn’t going to be using disco gold for regular day use (heyo party!)- so I have been experimenting with mixing it- I’m not mad at all at the mix between opalescence and disco gold- it’s a good fit for my skin. I also just really like using the rose gold straight up.

Upside/Downside- it’s REALLY obvious when you put this stuff on:

photo collage maker_hizkrt1901189675..png

it’s REALLY a fun product.

As I’ve had them for a month I’ve been experimenting with using them daily or for lighter coverage make up days- or with foundation and I’m really loving them. they do NOT change the consistency of your foundation (That I have found) and I’ve been using two or three different foundations and really enjoying what they are doing for me in terms of getting a nice soft glow. It’s making daily make up a little easier with just this or using this with a little foundation to just put some evenness and light into my face. I combine this usually with some under eye concealer, a quick treatment of eyeliner, mascara and Melt blush light product for a little dimension and color to my cheeks- it’s a quick 5 min face that gives me a clean polished look that transforms me from “tired gigging dancer” to adult professional with a real job. It’s *almost like magic* (magic would be not having to go to work and still get paid!)

photo collage maker_cnx09m854097255..png

I think disco gold is a MUST for performing dancers- it’s amazing. I really also think I’m leaning toward rose gold as my favorite since it brings warmth to the face- I mix opalescence more than I use it straight up- but a worth while luxury item product I probably will never be able to live without. First world problems I know I know.

Cover FX Custom Enhancing Drops

So Ulta was doing their 21 days of beauty this month- and I saw they had these on sale for 50% off which was a WIN- since they retail for 42$ a bottle- getting them 50% off was crucial. I happened to be travelling that day- so I knew I would have to make a special trip or order them online- which I personally wanted to get them in person because of the event I was attending that weekend. So I hopped off the air plane- got my rental car and headed straight for the Ulta nearest my accommodations and snapped up Sunlight and Moonlight (and Two Face Better Than Sex Mascara). I was SO.EXCITED. I have the Make Up Revolution knock off ones- but it’s nice to be able to get the real deal.

photo collage maker_xzqwel865344677..png

They come with a little dropper pipette thing which is a little more narrow and specific than the ones I have- which is kind of nice because you can put it in a very specific place. The Make Up Revolution one is a little big nobbier and not as specific.

Here’s a look with JUST moisturizer and the liquid drops- and that’s literally all I did – was a small drop in a dollup of moisturizer.

photo collage maker_ixj9dg1918799052..png

and here’s the before on the left and after on the right and the two faced mascara I popped on as well- which is a nice day look for just walking around.

photo collage maker_s7k7ro510611941..png

And here’s a look comparing all the liquids I happen to own- Cover FX, Make Up Revolution and Wet N Wild Mega Glow.

photo collage maker_5mwtk7309748070..png

The Cover FX are the runniest of all of them- and the most precises pipette- the Make up Revolution has a nobby pipette- and the Hello Halo by Wet N Wild are actually a doe foot applicator which is INFURIATING. honestly it’s my biggest complaint with that product. But as you can see above you can see its’ shiny and blends out nicely. I can’t complain- so if you’re on a budget and want a huge pop- it’s not a bad investment.

But I’m really happy with the COVER FX products- I’m pleased with them. I don’t know if they are worth the extra 30$ over the Make up Revolution ones- but I’m not sad that I have them. They are just a little different. So if you aren’t a huge highlighter person- you can totally make do with a drug store or budget brand or really not at all- but if you love your highlighter- go ahead and get them all. Why not girl- you gotta glow!

Here’s a few looks I did recently including ALL of my highlighters in a more “stacked” manner to get a maximum impact glow.

photo collage maker_e3qyi51485587923..png

Let me know if you all have questions on the products used- and happy hunting!

Till next time fearless costumers!


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