Setting Intentions and Goals: 2019

3 January 2019

Welcome back fearless readers, we are coming to the end of the first week of the new year. Can’t believe I’m saying that- but here we are. YOU MADE IT- mostly you survived the first day back at work after probably having been away from some time and that indeed is it’s own struggle and success!

As we head into 2019 many people are bright eyed and ready for new exciting opportunities and experiences. Preparing to take on the world and make it yet another “best year ever.”  And that’s a wonderful feeling, but how do you go about setting yourself up to succeed?

This will be different for each person, but the mechanics of goal setting are at this point almost universally agreed up on as “specific, measurable, attainable relevant and time bound”- frequently called “S.M.A.R.T.” goals.

I personally like to have level goals- 2-3 big goals for the year and then 6 month goals and then monthly goals. All of these are driving by some of my long LONG LONG term life goals. All of my smaller goals either directly support my life goals OR help supplement the journey. I also keep track of my goals in a larger journal book. Helps me look back at where I’ve coming and what I’m doing to keep on target! Each page is a year and I update with workshops and major events as well as my goals.


For the sake of this discussion I’ll assume you have life goals worked out to some degree or another- but- honestly if you don’t- that’s okay too.  It’s fine to start with larger “year” goals if you can and then trickle down to 6 month and then monthly.

But Jo- how do you set these goals? “be awesome” is a great goal but its’ kind of hard to achieve if you don’t know what that means or how to make a plan for it!

Be specific: “take in person/online weekly classes” is a much more specific  “dance more often”.

Make it measurable do TWO classes a week is even better than take in person online classes weekly

Make them realistic no matter how well intentioned you are- if you are struggling to make it to classes regularly, setting a goal of 5 classes a week- while is specific- and is measurable- it’s probably not realistic. Be honest with yourself. That’s the only way you can succeed.

What do you want to do “train” and how often (measurable) You can say yes I did- or no I didn’t- or I only got one of my two sessions in. And that’s neither here nor there- but it gives you WAY to measure your progress- and that’s the key to succeeding at it.

Write them down you don’t necessarily need to share them with the world but write them down where you can look at them more than once a year.  And once your put them out into the world- on paper- it solidifies that it’s a thing you want and gives it more power. Sulimpour students do training plans- and we are required to submit them (SORRY RACHAEL I”M BEHIND!)

Set personal performance goals- not “outcome” goals- You cannot control ever thing- even if you do your best- you might not make it (see Essence wrap up for an example)

Be FlexibleYour life may change- it’s OKAY. Use it as a change to reevaluate and possibly change your goals and adjust. Nothing in life is fixed, being flexible is important. But if you are constantly adjusting your larger life goals you might want to reevaluate what you’re looking at- larger life goals take discipline and dedication, if you’re constantly changing your mind- maybe setting smaller goals to help? Or evaluating what you really are looking for in your goal setting.

Accountability- how are you keeping on task? who do you check in with? do you self assessments? are you honest about that? do you train with others? who do you check in with? schedule a 6 month check up with yourself- put it in your google calendar. I know you have one.

Celebrate- As you achieve your goals, appreciate the success you’ve had. Look at where you started and how far you’ve come. Celebrate your success!

Last year I set out to have 5 year plan and have been trying to set one larger goal each year to meet it. 2018 was to spread my wings and travel more. I think 2 trips to Georgia and a trip to Maine really helped! I also really wanted to say “yes” to more crazy opportunities, apply to rep that clothing company, apply for theatrical shoes- audition and take more chances outside my wheel house. I also think I achieved that.

Smaller goals for me included getting a logo and getting more professional pictures done for promotional work and to showcase my sewing skills.  Creating a choreography and actually using my sword were ALSO on my list of “to-do’s” this year (and the last 2 years). This year I achieved both of those. So I’m really really proud of that work I’ve done on that front

My goal break down this year

  • Year Goal-Nation Wide performance opportunity (international?!?!)
  • 2-3 live band performance events
  • 6 month goal
  • Clean up current costuming situation- finish outstanding projects and use fabric stash
  • I’m looking forward to more modern jazz and ballet classes. I’m aiming to go to Koresh 2x a month.

I have a HUGE list of costume things I’d like to accomplish and blog about this year:

  • Hulk Rehab January 2019
  • Costless January 2019
  • Bella Refit March 2019
  • Assiut Learning Spring 2019
  • Lisa Frank Fringe Spring 2019
  • Bal Anat Pot- Spring 2019
  • Two piece costume/Teal Lace- July 2019
  • Wine Assiut- TBD
  • Pearl Costume TBD

What ever your goals are- personal, wellness, dance, fitness- set your goals and make a plan to get there. You *will* succeed if you set you self up right from the start. Some things that help me keep organized and on track for my year of success:

Get yourself a year calendar!


Get yourself a good day planner (I LOVE a good day planner!) This one is from Simple Elphant and I love it because it is not dated- you fill out the months and days, if you stop using it for a month- you don’t lose pages- it has lots of room on the weekly pages and room for tons of notes in the back.  plus the binding is great- it’s been holding up for months now. I LOVE a good planner.


Food a problem? Learn to batch cook and get containers and fill them up- meals ready to eat!


Who are you taking classes with? Who are you training with? do you have a plan? write it out! talk to each other. You cannot help but succeed if you do some up front work and set yourself up to win.  now’s the time- today’s the day- lay it out- and set the path forward and achieve!

To this I’ll add some resources you might find helpful  on your way!

Do you have goals? Plans? Dreams? tell me about them!

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