Spoiler alert.  I’m extremely talented at some things. But not all things.

Verily I say unto you-one thing I have yet to master- is jewelry.  One of the huge side effects? downsides? not sure what to call this- impacts? results? that I’ve found to building my own costumes is buying matching accessories is REALLY tough.  I occasionally dabble at making my own- this seemed the appropriate piece to try my hand again and I’ll be honest, it’s just- the worst right now- It’s worse than lining. BUT- with this beautiful new costume- I can’t not- I need *SOMETHING*- which means HOP TO IT WOMAN.

I’ve finished all the important bits of this costume- and it fits (mostly) I need to tweak the hook/snap placement on the belt- but it’s wearable. I did a quick trial run- but I want to get some good pictures at the event for the official “release” of the costume this coming weekend.


I pulled out some of my fasteners and hooks and jewelry making supplies (not much) to cobble together some passable earrings and a necklace- I had good ideas- and then something really dawned on me and came up with a fun way to incorporate the medallions in a way that would be safe for my skin (some of the edges are quiet sharp)

I put together the chain pieces and the base of the earrings first- then made some little beaded swags to go with them.   I thought by the time I was done they were really cute.

As I wrapped up everything as I was putting it all away to take with me- and put the earrings on and realized putting those medallions up close to the ear was an egregious design choice.  Unfortunately- it’s going to be what it’s going to be for this weekend and I’ll have to come back and reorganize what they look like. The extra roundness really drops the ear and visually is just unattractive- with the hair down it’s not nearly so bad- but if my hair is up- it’s VERY unflattering.

Regardless- moving on:  I took connector rings and put the medallions back to back so they are a pair and then connected the pairs with rings.  Then I added some chain and walla- something sort of resembles a necklace. I’m currently NOT crazy about this- and the cat obviously had to weigh in as well.


I spent the better part of the weekday trying to organize my packing so I could be ready Friday morning. I put a bar/loop connector on it and was starting to play with length of the necklace but I really hated how it looked with the costume so I just set it aside and said- deal with it later. I have to do other things. Sometimes- it’s like that.

I hope everyone has a great weekend- can’t wait to report back on the weekend and how the costume performed!!  Till next week fearless costumers!

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