Spring Fling Costume: Part 1

Now that we’ve knocked the last project out of the park, I’ve got five more standing behind it to take its place!! On top of that- Spring is fighting to arrive and in conjunction I was inspired by this fun floral fabric while shopping for another project so I grabbed it and have already made a circle skirt, the actual fabric matches these silk dresses our student trip whipped together and I had extra scraps and frankly I am a massive fan of how good they look together! So this purple and floral design is going to be the new project!

Remember step one? HAVE IDEA: couple of options and thoughts I started playing with on the jewels and the rhinestone chain I had left over.


Check. Idea has been had! So on to the next. I had these left over jewels from another project that I’d like to utilize. I’ll likely have to go grab more but I have enough to get rolling. I also have beautiful bags of sequins people keep gifting me from Pat MaGrath packaging, which is just divine and I’m thrilled to have. Just need to find them a home and a costume.

Skirt is done and I have a belt base already cut our so I’ll start with the bra and straps and get that worked together and then we should be off to the races with decorating!

Hysterically I started typing this post in preparation for maybe beginning work on this project in April.  I’d like to insert that I’m picking this project up 4/21/2019… the draft of this project was last saved May 14th 2018.   I just crack myself up- how ridiculous is that.

Regardless, I have officially wrapped up the Hulk (post pending) and am pressing on to the next, I vaguely wish that I had gotten started on this sooner since by the time I complete it (at the rate I do work) it will most assuredly be winter by the time I finish. I’ll be bright and cheery for the dreary months of Fall and Winter (she says dryly) But I have had a busy month and have to gentle with myself.

I think in my head there should be some texture with the fabric and then use the jewels underneath and some fringe. I WANT ALL THE FRINGE. I will pack this up and take it with me this weekend and hopefully I can get some something done this week. But short quick post to bring this on line so I can keep you all up to date on the new project getting layered in!

On one of my away trips I managed to get the bases covered (I had cut them out last year and they have just been laying about lazy and wistful)


(don’t mind the stain- it’s just water I was using to press the wrinkle from the silk out)

Once I got those stitched down I started playing with layers with the fabric- and hated… all of them.  The one thing I really wanted was rouched halter that came either around the neck or to the throat to meet a collar configuration. but I hadn’t even started on the bra- and I knew I was struggling with layering the light fabric over in a way that made sense with the jewels I had.  So I abandoned it and tried something new!

I tacked the top edge of the fabric down- with plenty over hanging and then ran a basting stitch vertically on the chiffon only-not through the belt.


Once I pleated it up I realized the pleats were too big to give me the texture I wanted- so I did a wee bit of research on pin tucking and honeycomb pleats and just realized I needed tinier basting stitches.


This unfortunately takes… forever- but got me the look I was trying to aim for- so I stuck with it!

And got about half way done and then spaced the pleats out so I could have a tighter pleat on one side and then a loser more open pleat on the other- because- A it’s more interesting and B frankly I was tried of pleating. (trade secret- don’t tell anyone)


This gets me closer to the tight mini blind look I was looking for on the belt. I need to get some tighter pleats into more fabric on the bottom right- and finish basting on the left- but over all- it’s come a long way and I’m pleased with the texture.

20190425_2218124848306333971754773.jpg The left side of this is a little weak on the coverage- but I have plans to bead around the edges and do some sort of beaded applique on top so I can easily cover it up- as long as the chiffon is turned under and won’t fray!

At the rate i’m working- I’ll have this done by Spring 2020- here’s to getting this bad girl down by Art of the Belly 2020 😉  Looking forward to doing some beading soon! Thanks for joining me on this journey again!


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