Spring Fling Part 2

15 April- 2 May 2019

Welcome back fearless readers!  If you were not with us on the start of this project check HERE for the first post on this new Spring Fling Costume. Last you left us- we were here with this shirring on the one panel.


And not really wanting to do the back panel or deal with all my crazy threads I did the obvious thing and raided my bead stash and started beading- because- why not!


I had these hot pink/salmon color beads I wanted to use but I didn’t have the appropriate sequins so forged ahead with what I had using pin markers and ordered what appeared to be the right color from CCartWright Sequins.  This is always a little bit of a gamble but when they arrived I realized I’d made a good choice!


Just for reference, I ordered 5 packets of 6 mm semi cupped sequins at 650 sequins per bag. Side note I chose 6 mm because the other sequins I was using were also 6 mm semi cupped, but this is not my preferred size it’s a wee bit too big- go with 5 or 4. I’ve had good luck with 5.  With approximately 650 sequins in a bag, this gives me about 3,250 sequins to start and I since I’m not expecting to heavily bead everything I *should* be okay with that for this project. If I run out I’ll let you all know for reference!


And then my rainbow rhinestone came in within a day of ordering (found HERE on Amazon), not 100% certain how I will incorporate this but it sure is pretty and lovely and delicate like the fabric.


Now that my beads and sequins and rhinestones are all in hand, I’ll go forward edging the belt here, filling in the gaps and then finishing the top edge of the belt.


Once I get that lined up, I’ll begin working on the shirring the other belt piece and move forward with edging on that one. I did the basting threads on this panel by hand but I’m going to try to do it by machine on the other panel for the shirring. Hopefully it will move along a wee bit faster!

Thanks for joining me for part 2 of the new Spring Fling costume!

Till next time fearless readers!


  1. I’m always amazed at your talent and dedication to your dance and costume making!  I can’t wait to see the finished project.  Hope to see you soon!Liana  


    1. Thank you! It makes me super happy. If it wasn’t this it would probably be knitting or painting. This serves my hobby as well as meets my artistic needs! I’m glad you enjoy the process through!


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