Spring Fling Part 3

23 June 2020

Last we spoke on this costume was over a year ago- and my first post on facebook would have been 2018 for this particular costume.

If you missed out on the costume you can check out Part 1 here– and Part 2 here.   I’ve made some executive decisions and order a bunch of sew on rhinestones. My hope was to have some shorter fringe and ALL the seuins. I want BLING- but also fringe- is it wrong if a girl wants it all!

I had left these prepared belts many moons ago and finally got the fabric pleated and ruched. And then I dived right into the edging- I had strong ideas about having it well edged. Being said I always waffle on doing that step first or last on a belt and this time around- I banged it out right off the bat.

Once they were edged up (this took about 2-3 weeks of inconsistent work) I was really pleased with the over all look of the belts- very tidy and sparkly! Once that was done I sat with them for about a week and realize I had no real idea what I wanted to do. After about 10 days of pondering I realized I needed a better plan and opted to sketch out some swirls on a paper. It seemed like a really great idea to start and I dove right into trying to implement my beautiful sketches. YAY SKETCHES!


Unfortuatnely much as I guessed, I had less room than I expected for the bead work. I implemented and ripped out several iterations. Unfortuantely this is just a big part of the process of trying to determine what works best and what is doable. But I started in on the beading regardless to see what would happen!


So we explored a few avenues of beading options and I realized I dislike most of them- not that my beading is bad. I think the the beadwork is really great- but the whole thing feels like it lacks cohesion. I think the next step is to try a new lay out on the other belt to see if if we can more success with different options on that front before I start ripping beads out. Which, is honestly what will happen, BUT I want to give it a shot before I just start ripping. And that’s what I have on this espidode of costuming shennanigans.

This is just part of the process and I’m not really mad about it- but it is time consuming with the down time and right now it’s a little frustating because I’d like to have it to work on between work work and dancing as a break- but it is what it is and we will get there! Just remember sometimes if you get a little stuck it’s okay- just keep shifting things around and keep at it and something will shake loose!

Thanks for joining me today on this bit of costuming adventures! Till next time fearless costumers! And don’t forget today is also a good day to arrest Breonna Taylor’s murderes.

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  1. I’m not feeling the version with all AB stones. The fabric is eating them.

    What if you tried outlining your swirl beading in a neutral to pop it? Gold? Black? I’m thinking just a thin row of beads or something. You could string a few strands and place them on the belt to see if it looked worth doing before you proceeded with sewing on or rippling off.


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