Hulk Necklace: Part 21

LORD HAVE MERCY! I have been so incredibly busy- I apologize- sorry not sorry for having a life that has kept me away from you all!

But I’m back and I wanted to share this post with you guys! I MADE JEWELRY! I am so proud of myself- no joke.  Last necklace I made was not so great- so I’m really pleased with this one, and I knew it had to be done- this costume deserved a good necklace so I was going to find a way to make it one.

First things first- I wanted to give it a similar shape- but not a flat out circle medallion as the bra/belt- the circle was not going to be as flattering- so I opted to go with a tear drop to utilize a round shape that could mimic the belt/bra.

I happened to have this handy dandy Bella necklace that I was able to look at and use as  a guide to build a better necklace- AND would give me appropriate length measurements since I really liked the way this rested on my neckline.

Step one: Cut your interfacing- and cover with fabric!


Once I cut and covered the interfacing- I sketched out in pencil the shapes I wanted and where I wanted stones. On to the beading!


Beading completed- I started with the fringe. I used the same basic fringe template to create V shape that’s on the belt. You can see on the left picture the gross grain ribbon peaking out- I was working on the fringe- but had not yet connected it to the base yet!


Once I got the bulk of the fringe done I moved on to beading the neck pieces themselves. I pretty much eyeballed the “middle” and did as evenly as I could between the green and the gold.


Once I completed the beading on the straps- I sewed the fringe down and lined it!


Yes- that’s the Evil Queen!

And TA-DA! a necklace:


I’d like to show you all- one of my first beaded necklaces- I’m about ready to upgrade it since I’ve learned a thing or two since I started these- but it goes to show- you CAN improve- and you CAN get better with time and practice. And that right there dear friends- is a life lesson. #metaphorsforlife


So keep on keeping on- and hopefully this helps you all.  Happy sewing- till next time fearless readers!

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