Happy Bloggaversary!

This week is my one year blogging anniversary! HUZZAH! Let’s celebrate with wine and cake!  I am having a bit of a hard time believing it- especially since I haven’t been able to keep up that much with all the events, performances and travelling.

But if you remember- A year ago- I finally took the plunge and started blogging.  My first post was #metaphorsforlife

Step One: Have Idea!

I realized I could be doing a better job of tracking my sewing projects than Facebook, and I realized that the people I loved to watch make costumes, weren’t making costumes that much any more. And few people are making their own and even few sharing the process.  And I asked myself- why I couldn’t be the one tracking and blogging? (Besides- because I’m busy as fuck?) I’m already doing a lot of the work via Facebook- so why not try to keep track and blog? I dived in. head first- as usual with little to no clue about what I was doing.

Certainly there are a few Facebook groups and some blogs still alive- but it seems as if the majority of the people I remember being inspired by- aren’t creating as much or have moved on to other hobbies.

All that to say- I’m deeply grateful for the year and all the support I have received so thank you all for joining me on my journey! I am looking forward to the next year of projects and crazy pants. I have so many things and ideas and UFP (Unfinished Projects) that I’m excited for what 2019 costuming will bring. Yes- it’s like a new years post all over. I know I know.

Looking back- I have 10 major projects in the books- some orders- most for me.

Looking back it’s been a crazy pants sewing year- but I’ve learned a lot and i’ve even upgraded the BrickHouseDesign lair with a fancy pants serger!

As I sit here surrounded by piles of fabric- I can’t help but realize- that this will never end. I may not be able to blog about all of it, and I’m getting ready for a trip to Sweden, and that in and of itself is a huge lift. But it’s always a joy to product and make more projects.   My partner is ready for me to start selling some and make some space for all these new projects!
Current projects as I sit here and type:

  • Spring Fling
  • Making Assuit
  • Assuit Costume (from existing panels)
  • Black Fringe
  • Gold Fringe
  • Silver Fringe
  • Bella RetroFit
  • Black and Red Kimno Fabric
  • Sparkly Belly Swirly Belt Tutorial

There is just- always so much- But I’m truly excited about what comes next for the cutting table!

Thank you for the support. Every time one of you all walks up at an event and tells me how much you appreciated a blog post I wrote- I am touched. It makes me feel like it’s 100% worth it. So thank you thank you thank you- any time any one reads or finds it helpful makes EVERY second and EVERY picture worth it to me.

Till next time fearless readers and happy costuming!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd as a bonus- here are some videos of performances of the projects I’ve worked on this year!

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