Bane Transformation and Bald Cap DIY

For the total Bane transformation- I needed a bald cap- so I ordered one.

But I wanted to do a trial run and should have ordered more than one- but didn’t- so I watched this tutorial from Indy Mogul and of course said “I’ll just make my own”

Things I needed- Spirit Gum- Liquid Latex, Styrofoam head and baby powder.

Of course all of this came late on friday- and I then lost my spirit gum for the day- AND I was busy making my vest- so no trial happened, but I did make a really fugly bald cap. fingers crossed for day of experiment with the purchased one goes well- I don’t know if my home made one will work.

I followed the tutorial as closely as I could. I felt like I should have put something on the head to protect it- especially around the ears- what I really wanted- was a damn glass head- I figured if I powdered or greased it – the latex would come RIGHT- OFF. But this is what they had. So I used it.

I watched one tutorial where the girl said furniture cushion work better than make up sponges at applying latex- and fortunately I had enough of that so I cut myself a few slices so I used those.

Then I just dabbed dabbed dabbed away- and built up about 8-9 layers. I blow dried a few- and a few I left to sit since I was just sitting and working on my vest.
The next day- I grabbed my powder and a brush and sat by the sink and worried the edges of the cap loose and then powdered and tugged and then powdered and tugged and powdered and tugged away- all in all it took me about 25-30 minutes to work it lose of the Styrofoam.

You can watch the whole mind numbing process here!

Then I used this tutorial to work on application- I did get a little help from my husband- but tried to get most of it done myself.

So this is what I started with- a huge list of instructions- and this hot mess of hair that never sees the light of day.

I watched a few tutorials about wrapping hair- most were for natural hair or used a lot of pins- which isn’t recommended for bald caps.  Sooooo I sort of made it up and started with some heavy duty hair wax and hairspray -figuring I’d just wrap the whole sheebang around my head.  It mostly worked? next time I’ll just do braides or twists- I can do that- it’s not that hard and would have laid flatter and lasted longer than my wrap method.

I realized that it wasn’t REALLY going to work- so I found some nylons and cut out the toe section before realizing my toes are smaller than my head- and moved up toward my the thigh section and cut out a larger chunk. I did use one bobby pin and a clip- I probably could have used more once I realized I was putting on the nylon- but lessons learned.20180729_102404

Once the nylon was applied- I doused it with a generous dose of hair spray and then put on the bald cap. That was actually the easy part.  Once I had the bald cap glued in place (thanks hubs for helping me!) – it’s time for liquid latex!


I applied a generous amount over the cap and on to my skin.  Followed by a generous dose of cosmetic powder. Here is where you’re supposed to do the rubber mask grease paint. (followed by more powder)


Unfortunately this product- is shit. it’s extremely thick- and doesn’t dab on at all- it’s more like a really stiff pomade? or wax- even warmed up aggressively in my fingers did little to be able to spread it- there wasn’t a chance in hell I’d be able to dab it on a bald cap. After a good five minutes of trying to figure out if I could make it work- I gave up and went straight to foundation. I think this left my cap a little more textured than I would have wanted but beggars can’t be choosers.


All in all I think I make a pretty hot bald chick- and made me really consider shaving my head.


Much time passes between this point- and the performance- but after a long day of glaring at people- I finally was able to start some deconstructing!


After almost 8 hours of wear- my hair had shifted and I had sweated off a fair bit of spirit gum and foundation and I was ready to be done.  And I went from this hot mess- to this fresh face!

This was very first experiment doing any real special effects make up other than something I could draw straight on my face and honestly I couldn’t be more proud of myself.  It was a new challenge and I really enjoyed the creative process of it all. I hope this was fun for you all to take a look and see some of the work that went into the process and answered the question of  ‘what did you do with all your hair?!?!’

Here’s the video timelapse of the whole process from start to finish and the “oh god now I have to take it out part!”

Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoyed- Till next time!


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