Villains Wrap Up

First and foremost before we jump in- I just really need to give a shout out to my husband. He’s amazing. I’m a very type A – go go go go all the time person. And I have a lot of big dreams and goals that I want to achieve- some of them are completely absurd- but I try. He is and always will be my rock and my sand bag that keeps me from floating off into space with crazy ideas.
BUT- being said- one of the things in my life that I’ve been on the hunt for has been a lap top- my Suhaila training requires typed notes for workshops- and now that I’m regularly blogging- having access to a real computer is sort of important – and this month he came through- again.


He wound up having to work on his day off- and I came home and found this little beauty he left on the counter for me. He obviously wanted to give it to me himself but said couldn’t wait any longer since he’d been working on it for a few weeks getting it up upgraded for me so it can run real programs without bogging down. He left me a little note inside of it about helping me achieve all my dreams and goals and I cried in the kitchen like a fool. I don’t mention him much for a lot of reasons- but he really is a huge part of my life and my rock. Couldn’t do any of this without him.


Villians Show! This is always such a fun event (different themes every year)and I’m really grateful Nyx Asteria had reached out and asked me to be a part of it- it’s a little off the beaten training path for me- but it gives me a wonderful chance to create something different for fun and do something I like to do within a frame work that’s different. And I get to see other people being creative and pull from their none traditional wells. It’s just so good- and so fun.

As you all know- I’ve been banging out my mock up Bane vest- which you can read all about it here on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Wrap UP and then today! Also go check out my Bald Cap post on how I achieved that look!

My character was Bane- really it wasn’t a huge issue for me in terms of costuming because it was only the vest to pull together. (being said- I don’t have most of the stuff but it slowly came together) It took me just over a month to pull this look together in terms of collecting/drafting and creating. The day of was pretty stressful because I had never actually done a bald cap- and my weekend before where I was going to really hammer out my vest- suddenly got swept away by the wonderful Ozgen event down in DC. No problem- I have time I said. Har Har har. As usual.

So Friday night I had to work- and I could only do but SO much on my vest- which means- I’m pretty much a regular cosplay/costumer- DO IT AT THE LAST MINUTE – IT WILL ONLY TAKE A MINUTE THEN!

I had a great training session Saturday morning- we worked on the warm up (yes- you can work on the warm up) and then we drilled and reviewed chorographies and worked out some details for another peice we are sort of marinating on the back burner for when we have time. Then I came home and got back to work on the vest. This carried on into the wee hours of the night before I finally gave up around 3 AM and went to bed- got up way to early and started prepping to do all the things for the bald cap. Insert shameless bald selfie again- because damn- I’m a hot bald chick.


Donna came and picked me up and we grabbed food and then headed out to the venue at Roxy N Dukes and settled in for a wonderful show. What I think I love most about these are that people get to do something out of the box and stretch their creative process. I love fusion work- it makes me REALLY happy. BUT- being said- it’s not something I pull from my tool box that often and it is unquestionably rusty- no matter how hard I try to keep it up. So it was stressful because I felt I had no prepped enough for the project- BUT again- fun to stretch and get out side my normal range.


The cast of villains- (unfortunately I do not have everyone) was WONDERFUL- and everyone’s costumes were extremely thoughtful and appropriately extra. Even Bane looked like she had a good time.

And Bane hopes you had a horrifically evil week and you’re ready for the weekend:


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