Ozgen in DC plus Shenanigans

Where can I even start about this weekend!  I am so blessed and thankful to have such an amazing community willing to reach out to international instructors and bring them in- and I’m grateful for my ability to travel and be a part of a community that is so passionate about what they do. Thank you each and every person who was part of this weekend, Bee and Ozgen for making this happen and everyone for dancing their hearts out in a stuffy room with a sticky floor. Thank you for helping me fill my life and enrich my soul. I am not who I am without you all.


For those of you who are not involved in an community events (Cosplay- music festivals- dance- CSC theater etc etc)- please let me assure you- event hang overs are real. In my world- dance hang overs. it is VERY real.  So let me try to fill you in real quick before I try to get back to my “regular” life.

Friday was a busy day- MRI first thing in the morning- followed up by finishing off the harem pants for the weekend event. I had finished the waist band the night before after much consternation- and only needed to pleat and put the cuffs on the pants at the bottom after trimming it to the appropriate length (and as usual they are a bit short for my taste- but whatever)

Once done- I did the snaps/hooks and put them in the wash. Then I finished up some blogging and got to packing. Being a dancer AND a costumer is HARD. you always want to be like a boy scout- totally prepared- but not with 100 pounds of junk. Unfortunately that’s just not the way that works- so you over pack- for everything.   It took me way longer to pack, as usual, and Bob thought I was absurd. But again- the way it goes.

Bob and I finally got on the road around 1330 and headed down to a friend’s house to finish costumes and get some sleep. We both were volunteering at the event so it was going to be a LONG- LONG day Saturday and Sunday.img_20180720_140606_6801027642662.jpg

I pretty much took everything with me- sewing supplies- spare fabric- wire cutters/chain- extra underwear- extra bras- jewelry- so.many.things.  No pictures of this hot mess express were taken. Sorry not sorry.

I arrived a little later than I wanted due to excessive traffic- and food was an immediate issue- so I dumped my stuff and we went to grab food. Once food for the night and weekend was established- we got to work on costuming.

Donna had already precut the rose gold pieces- so we measured out and got to work- Bob was obviously invaluable:

We were up early Saturday for coffee and food and then off to the venue to help get things set up.  The workshop sounded amazing- but I was there to help- plus I had to finish some custom cuffs up for the DC Collective costume.

One of my favorite things about workshops- is seeing so many people I love- AND meeting new people. It fills my heart to meet people who are passionate about dance and love doing what they do.   Bob obviously was a VERY.HAPPY.NARWHAL.

There were many pictures and shenanigans that happened- to many to innumerate here- but you get the idea!   Saturday we rushed home after helping pack up and got ready- it was again- #hotmessexpress on the counter with all the make up out. #datgiglifeyo

And then off we rushed to the show for the official debut of the DC Salimpour Collective. plus two who did solos. WIN for everyone!   On top of the Collective’s success- the show was absolutely terrific- so much wonderful music and so many talented dancers killing it on the floor.  Bonus- because so much 9/8 and Turkish music- so it was extra lit. If you were not there- you seriously missed out.  Thank you dancers for sharing your art with us and the space.

It was pouring rain on our way out to the gig- AND on our way back to the house- which made for an adventure- but we were so tired- AND hungry we took off the make up and sat down to some of that delicious food Donna made. Tired dancers are tired- but happy.

Food- and make up aftermath!

Sunday we got up and rallied the troupes to get out the door and off to the workshops- mostly because I had to pack ALL my stuff up- costume supplies and make up- and that’s just… a lot. But we got there about 20 till only to realize there was a pile of people on the landing of the dance facility- apparently no one got the memo our workshop was at 9 AM. So we hung out outside till almost 9:30- very grateful it was not raining and more and everyone had all their coffee!

We had 2 amazing workshops about stylization AND a quick choreo by Mr Ozgen. They were WONDERFUL. I love his energy and thoughtfulness about style vs technique and the authenticity of the dance. A great resource I would highly recommend and can’t wait to have him come back!

After we wrapped up the workshops- I finished shopping for Bob- he got an amazing new costume- Thanks Esme’s Closet for the new cossie! (don’t tell my husband)


And then we went to a diner and I had a delicious cranberry walnut salad with some amazing people. Seriously- look at this table full of awesome. LOOK AT IT!

I’m officially “back” and trying to recover by unpacking all my things AND trying to get back to work- I have 90 yards of fabric coming and I have 2 more pairs of collective pants to make. HOP TO IT SKIPPY!  My cat is sitting on my computer desk really slowing me down- I have so many skirts to make- on line classes to do take- and drills to work through. And sleep to get. Huzzah.   Today is a “rest” day from the gym and “prep day” for my week- food- classes/drills and costumes and blogs.

Thank you all again for everyone who made this weekend possible and so special- I can’t tell you how much I need these weekends of joy and sweat and work and soul filling goodness. It just means more to me than I could possible explain.

And with that- I leave you with this smexy smexy picture till next time fearless costumers!


Photo & Costume Concept by Donna, Hand & And Sex Appeal by Razilee, Butt & Pants by Jo.



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