Bane Vest DIY: Day 2

For those just joining us- you can see Day 1 of this project here- Bane Vest DIY: Day 1 Moving forward and diving right in- again starting with the paper template!


Draw some lines- start shaping your shape. I was super lazy and just measured with my flexible ruler where I wanted the angle to change. – easy peasy.

photo collage maker_xiocko1079731255..png

You can see I used a piece of interfacing (cut from back piece so the angles are friendly from front to back panels)- and I used my favorite GRRRL tee to shape the arm pit angle.

Then I cut the paper out and took a gander of what it looked like on me.
I thought to myself-“good enough” and outlined it on a rubbish polyester fabric and cut it out- then pinned it up on me.  It was *not* good enough.  But you can tell the angle across the top is good- and the angle under the arm is good- so I need to shorten it and widen it- and then put some darts in the front.

photo collage maker_wuham31758982598..png

But- it’s definitely a good start for a basic “start somewhere draft,” I have to redraw the template with my “shorten here- lengthen here” comments- so I just put it aside for the night and did some music editing since that was supposed to be done- like- Sunday. WOMP. SORRY NYX!

photo collage maker_jzuwc2789684795..png

I was expecting to come back and keep drafting- BUTTTTTTTTTTTT- my fabric came- it’s not quiet as I expected- and that’s okay- it will do, color is close enough- so I went ahead to cover the piece I’d already established for the back.


So I traced out the interfacing with what I thought was a generous seam allowance. spoiler- it wasn’t.

photo collage maker_cdepra1451278574..png

I stitched it together and left a side open and then turned it right side out. It was – as noted- too small for the interfacing panel to fit properly in there. I ripped out the stitches and sewed much closer to the cut edge- then turned it right side out and put the interfacing in. This time it just *barely fit*

In my opinion- the back panel- is a little small- but I remind myself- it’s not a top- it’s vest- it goes OVER something- and would have some technically exposed sides.  Not safe- but it IS something that might happen.  I already have the nudge in the back of my head wanting to make a new one to make it better- it shouldn’t JUST be a back panel- it should wrap- but I need to be realistic about my expectations- perhaps a connected side panel off the back that laces to the front will solve the problem without having to start all over. PERFECTION NUDGE- STOP IT- GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

I checked the “armor” to see if it would fit on top- and trimmed it down a little to make sure that it made sense- I do not think I’ll create a casing for the armor- I think what I’ll do is cut a piece around it- and sew it down carefully around the edges to create a faux binding- then sew it down to the back plate- this makes the most *sense* to me. Since I have no idea what I’m really doing- we are going with it.

photo collage maker_z1zvqw907748859..png

The final hot mess with the interfacing in- looks something akin to this- I’ve turned the edges of the open section over to close it off- it’s NOT perfect- and it’s a bit of a mess- but I’m actually thinking it will turn out once it’s all coming together. I have faith in my work.


I’m also going to create an “over panel” that does the lacing up the back like his vest has. I ordered a lot of para-cord. So- wish me luck.

I am behind this week on blogging because I’ve some personal issues- AND had to finish out two pairs of harem pants so they took priority- I’ll share those on Monday with you all post show this weekend!!  I made a fairly simple- but sizable error on creating a finished hem on the top of them so I had to undo about 15″ of stitching in two different locations- because- nothing is ever easy… and my cat decided to help. Because- it’s what cats do.


Monday will be more pattern drafting and hopefully have made some progress on this in a more meaningful way.  Despite loads of time for myself this week I found myself decidedly NOT as productive as I could have been. Which is concerning. But that’s okay. Lots of dance happened- lifting- and doctors appointments and time spent with people I love- so I’ll take it.

Regardless- time to go back for the madness- I’m headed down to the Ozgen event this weekend in DC.  Standby for MOAR SHENNANIGANS! Check @brickhousebellydance and @dcsalimpourcollective on Instagram for more up to date shenanigans- otherwise keep your eyes peeled Monday for Bob and I’s adventures to DC!!!

Till next time fearless costumers!



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