Bane Day 3- More Drafting

Back to the drawing board! I bought some muslin to try to whip this up. and I think I’m going to free hand off my paper and then trace and see what happens- because – why not!!!
I hammered out some more pants this week for the Collective and really need to drill down on this whole vest situation-SO.MANY.THINGS!

Moving on to the vest- if you remember from the original draft HERE I had to widen and shorten the vest- so I took my existing mock up- marked where I wanted to see extensions and plopped the template down on the muslin, and did what I always do- free hand that shit and hoped for the best.

photo collage maker_bfnjor1442581884..png

after that- I tried it on, pinned some darts- sewed some darts- adjusted another draft- and lather rinse repeated the process till I got something I felt looked like something I could wear.

photo collage maker_dd3pl11221905232..png

I figured out where I wanted my darts- and marked them out on the flat muslin- then copied them to the interfacing and cut them out.

photo collage maker_48baeb339768162..png

And then I cut it out and sewed it together to get this rough looking shape.

photo collage maker_cfw92s792915133..png

From here we needed to actually cover it- I took the muslin mock up flat and put it on the canvas material and gave a generous easement to turn the edges.

photo collage maker_2nmfjv1612868468..png

Turned the edges- pinned the darts and then used my handy dandy binder clips to get it all set up.

From there I moved to the back piece I made sure my foam armor was about the right size- there is something wonky about the alignment of the foam and after ten minutes of fussing I chalked it up to a dystopian world. I cut out the fabric around and sewed it down from the front to make sure it stayed very smooth on the front. Then I took a strip of the dark green and made some binding and clipped it down and then hand sewed it down to give the edge of the vest some pop.

photo collage maker_esxxjf2086166787..png

From there I started playing with my accessories and what I had on hand and realized I couldn’t do an exact replica (that has been very clear to me for about 2 days- but you gotta do what you gotta do)- and opted to do something that just FELT like the right vest.

The back panel looks attached with a V shape over the shoulders and then has lacing form the outside of the center panels. So I took two straps of webbing and a buckle clip to create a similar feel as the actual vest.

photo collage maker_teqtn41537118548..png

It’s somewhere in the middle of the last step and this one I realized I was not particularly happy with what I have created- it’s not bad- but the colors of the fabric are totally wrong and it’s not making me really happy. being said- there is NOTHING to be done at this point but carry on and move forward. The decisions have been made- so we plow on- all the good bad and ugly incorporating!

I started making the front armor panels an realized it was starting to look A like teenage mutant ninja turtles, and also vaccun sealed chicken cutlets. So I drafted a peice for the front based on the space I had out of the thicker foam and instantly regretted it once I tried to cover it. #hotmessexpress

But that’s the way it goes- you try it- you see- and if you hate it -you try something else.

I went a different direction and chose to cut a piece of fabric out the exact shape I wanted then trace and sew that to the batting and avoid the foam. I stitched the batting down to the fabric, then sewed in a spiral to the center to compact it and keep it from looking like a vacuum packed peice of meat.

It was a much better endeavor. (Imho).

From there I needed to establish the side peices. I tried just cutting and shaping down but I really was struggling to get the right shape based the existing armor, the reality is while it’s a similar shape, we’ve changed the scale and surface area of the vest, so it will of course have to be adjusted.for reference–here’s the front of the vest again:


I tried two different shapes before I gave up for the night, and I think I’m going to go ahead start over with a fresh muslin peice to trim down a little better.

It definitely looked weird with the bewb area hanging out and the shape was wrong for a more fitted look. Sooooooo back to the muslin drawing board to cut out a fresh shape to fit. So cut new muslin pieces to fit and just sketched right on them.


Once I got that shape sorted out, I repeated the process by cutting a flat piece of fabric, cutting out the batting, sewing it down trimming it up and stitching down the center to create a more solid shape.


And since I’m super behind for blogging because as you can see- my cat is holding my computer hostage we will cut it there- and I’ll have more for you next time- Till next time fearless costumers!




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