Nekkids Back on track!

For those of you just joining- I’ve been slogging away on this nekkid costume for months- and I was hoping I would be ready to present it to you in August- but all the Bane shenanigans sort of took some of that space- so here we are! If you need to catch up you can take a look here,here,here, here and here and here! So as usual- I’m behind on it- but that’s okay- I don’t have a crazy deadline I’m looking for currently. I have a performance in September- but I’m not convinced this is the right costume for what I want to be reaching for really- so I’m totally okay with not finishing it by then.

And last you left us- we had finished fringing- and we had moved on to the bra- which looked something like this:

photo collage maker_4f7plt304361562..png

Once that was all settled- I had moved on to figuring out what to do with the bra. Now because I had taken some time- I was semi already settled in my mind about how I wanted this to go. I had gone a little light on the crystal embellishments on the belt- so I wanted to be careful to not over do the bra- and I wanted to incorporate the fringe in a big way to help balance that. The decision was made to do the old school fringe cup- and use the crystals to decorate lightly under- and more heavily on top- for a nice balanced look.

I already knew I didn’t want to fringe directly on the cup- for a lot of reason- but the downside of this means you have to figure out to fringe off the cup- then HIDE it artfully on the cup once done. Most of my gross grain ribbon is black- sooooooooooooooooo we needed to cover it. So I cut 2 pieces of the smaller ribbon- and painfully managed to get them sewn and covered. They aren’t pretty- and that is mostly okay. They are going to get some window treatment later down the line- they just needed to be covered. I sewed it to the fabric- then trimmed the fabric- flipped it over -pinned the hell out of it and sewed it on that side too.

photo collage maker_fm6n6t1544723879..png

Because of the nature of the fabric- I wound up with two of these fun curly q strands:


Once both were done- hubs and I headed down stairs for dinner and a movie and then the cat and I got to cracking on the fringe.

photo collage maker_rgwbuq1066861310..png

This is sometimes why fringing is so difficult. Because- cats. And honestly through this whole side of fringe- the cat’s been trying to live in my lap- go check the Sewing with Cats facebook group- you’ll find an absurd number of pictures of him sitting my lap and work not getting done. But I do love him- so I can’t be to made because- as you can see- PROGRESS DID HAPPEN!



Side note- NAME THAT SHOW! I’ve JUST jumped on trend watching it- people rave about it- I mostly learn about cooking I will never do- but it is very interesting. And there are lots of them- so I just keep watching.

This past weekend I wound up setting up at a friends house for Friday into Saturday- so I took my whole set up and set up in her space and managed to wack out the remainder of the gold and move on to the pink.  I think it looks smashing.


I kept plugging away and managed to get the whole thing banged out on the one side- so I’m hopeful that I can wack out the rest of the fringe in the next two weeks- these are time consuming- I’m hoping to get some other posts up for you all since I’m going to bore you all to death again with more fringe! But despite how time consuming- it’s hard to argue with how lovely it looks- and you can really show the fullness that the pink adds to the whole look.


Once I finished the end of the pink- I took it off my beading pillow and trimmed off all the back threads to let it fall a little more flat on the bra.


And I have mixed feelings about how this whole thing looks on the bra but I’m going to finish the other side and see how it looks. I think I just need to get the angle on the bra right and then it will come together (plus the sparkles will help- obviously)- but it IS fringetastic- so that’s a win.


And this is where I leave you all on this and check back in with you all Thursday! Till next time fearless costumers!

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