Life and you guessed it….


Painful I know. But hang in there- we can do this. Mostly because there are a other things going on that I entertain you all and get us through this tough patch of fringing. (Which buckle up- I have a lot to talk about via costuming- but I have so many fringe costumes in mind so we may go through this process of fringing quite a bit)

Top of the list of updates- My computer died Friday at some point. Hubs said all we got out of it was this…

So the upside of this is that it’s not the actual blue screen of death- we believe we can salvage the hard drive and are waiting for one part to be able to lift that information off. Let this be your reminder- BACK UP YOUR SHIT. I have an external hard drive that we’ve backed the system up a few times so I’m less concerned than he is.  I’ll definitely lose SOME stuff- but certainly not everything. So I’m willing to take a risk.  Fingers crossed! The cable comes tonight- so I should know tomorrow.

Friday we hashed out lap top vs pre-built desk vs DIY desktop-  I have been wanting a lap top for all the travel and upcoming work shops, but so heavy! Ultimately we scrapped a full lap top idea and moved on to a desk top.  There were a few deals at best buy ultimately we realized it was more efficient to do a build.  Saturday after work he went by the store up in North Jersey and picked up all the bits.  AND IT BECAME!


Come Sunday- I’ve picked up some sort of congestion- possibly just exhaustion so I’m home and here we are- typing up on my sweet new upgraded system- which has a banging graphics card and some top of the line equipment that costs SIGNIFICANTLY less than a off the shelf model.   Apparently all 8th gen tech- which I’m told is. ze best. So WIN- I should be able to start doing some real video editing if I have time! YAY.

Now- back on track- costuming!

I have made some great headway on my fringe and will continue to do so- and I wanted share my “on the go” set up for when I work in my car.

By the end of the weekend I’ve finished one of the upside down houses for the tan fringe.

photo collage maker_bn5qvm657661359..jpg

This weekend also included some actual sewing YAY- pants and circle skirts.  DO ALL THE WORK.  I currently have on standby:

  • Black circle skirt
  • Floral print circle skirt
  • Teal circle skirt
  • Orange Stripe circle skirt (2x)
  • 3 pairs of blue Moroccan print harem pants

Lord help me. I HATE. hemming circle skirts. HATE.HATE.HATE it-which is why I have 3 sitting here waiting to be hemmed- and more I cut out and let hang for over a year- possibly two years unsure- my husband put them away and I haven’t seen them in forever. I’m embarrassed but it’s the way of the sewer sometimes.  #tryingtodobetter.

I attacked some of these things since next weekend is a wash in terms of costuming with the Suhaila workshops.  This stripe fabric will become the second and third fabric circle skirts of I’ve made with it- it’s absolutely stunning and NOT something I would have grabbed for myself but it is magnificent and I’m excited to get to use it- yes- I’m totally make a headband for myself. Side note-there is something about having enough fabric ordered to be shipped as a roll just pleases the child in me tremendously.

photo collage maker_mtzfob2053055977..png

Here’s a quick snip of working on my circle skirts- pretty straight forward- but as you all know- I’m a fan of the timelapse.

Fast forward , I now have 5 skirts hanging here. Which pro-tip- if you’re making circle skirts- let them hang for a while- or hang them in your shower and get them soaked and let the fibers relax so they will stretch less once hemmed. Nothing worse than a wonky circle skirt because you didn’t let it hang first. This is the pattern I use by the way for my circle skirts- Shushanna did such a great job putting this together and definitely needs to be credited for her hard work! it’s a great tutorial and resource.

ALSO- PRO TIP- DO NOT STORE CIRCLE SKIRTS FROM HANGERS (like below). OR ANY WOVEN FABRIC CUT ON A BIAS. photo collage maker_a0fjpi318476719..png

And I think those are all the updates for today- circle skirts and more fringe. Sorry no bra post yet- hang in there- we will get there soon!

Till next time fearless costumers- stay tuned for some fun new things coming to these spaces!

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