Fringe- and things..

This week has been a little crazy, which means- NOT a lot of sewing work has gotten done if I’m honest.  I’m really sad because I was expecting to get quite a bit done on Monday- but plans changed- so almost nothing has been accomplished between early hours and late nights.

This weekend was pretty much none stop dancing- From Sat to Sunday I spent 10 hours on the dance floor followed up by my gig at my regular spot. And despite all that dancing? I still had two fairly big mishaps at the restaurant- I was MORTIFIED. But- taking risks and being in a dynamic environment- is part of the job so I accept it- as it is.  It was very satisfying to spend so much time dancing though- my body is cranky this week- but man- so much good stuff.

Here’s a quick video with my friend from Saturday’s work

My DC Collective peeps from Saturday!


And this week has been a lot of focus (because 30 days is 30 days) on getting sequencing and details down for the new Maddah Choreography

And I’ve been having a lot of fun with this editing program on my phone. Trying to get something that looks- functional for shorter clips. I’m going to try to chip away at the software on my computer for longer more polished looking videos- but ugh- so difficult! so many things to do!

Today will be short- the fringing was a slow process and it just- unfortunately.BUT I WILL PERSIST! And I’ve finished two of the three upside down houses and I’m about halfway through the last one and I’ll be able to finish this up this week and move on to the tan fringe this weekend! So I ran into a snafu last week- that I swore I mentioned- but now can’t find it- I ran out of this pink thread. WOMP.WOMP- ran to the store- couldn’t find it. SOOOOO I ORDERED IT.
I so remember telling you all about this. I hope wordpress didn’t eat my blog.
regardless- ORDERED IT- 8$ I’m going insane_ I know_


You can see a little bit the difference in the brighter pink color I picked up to keep moving ahead- so instead of taking them off- or switching entirely- I’m just rotating through the thread every other strand is the other color- so it keeps it consistent and visually acceptable.


Shown here is the far left side of fringe- and the progression of the far right side..

BRA POST- COMING SOON!  I’m so excited. I want to say this is my favorite part- but bra building is not my favorite part- it’s all my favorite part and I can think about all the things I hate about it.  So- win win? lose lose? either way- COMING SOON.
Very excited to share that with you all since we haven’t done that aspect of our costuming in the almost 3 months I’ve been blogging.


And I think that’s it kids- I’ll leave you to it and see you on Monday with some more progress to report! Till next time fearless costumers!

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