May Shennenigans Wrap Up

It’s been an exciting month here at the Brick House. I have been really looking forward to summer and May in general. The sun is out (YAY- go away Marge- Marge hates the sun) and so many great opportunities to dance and learn and see familiar faces and meet new ones. March with Galen Hooks and Art of the Belly followed by April with the Live Band solo project really kicked us off with a bang.

Straight up- two weeks following that was Michelle Sorenson in Long Island.


Following that was my dear friend Belladonna Boho Brunch in DC where the ever fancy Donna Eileen was performing.  First off- She’s a super talented artist- and Secondly-she’s just #stunning.  Couple of us met up post event for a quick photo shoot to showcase some of Belladonnas Soul Armor  and on IG. and I LOVED IT. I had so much fun and just really enjoyed spending time with my friends having a great time.Bella-28

After that Bob and I were off to Maine to visit the lovely Rosa Noreen and Leila Faraid- which also included a band performance. Of course I couldn’t turn that down. Please read ALL about it here on my weekend wrap up post.


AND enjoy these beautiful shots of the most lovely and gracious host- Rosa Noreen! AND- DUN-DUN-DUN- the Bewb Armor Costume FLIES!!!  Love this- can’t tell you how much I adore this costume- SO.GOOD.

And my last weekend in May- oh my goodness- I don’t know where to start! Mahin came to visit us at DDLC- and we had two really fun workshops with her. We did a line and design workshop- which was a lot of fun- shapes and concepts- then we did a saiidi combo and a golden era dancer combo which was super fun! I always really enjoy when Mahin comes to visit- I wish we had had more time to chat!!!


I picked up some fancy make ups and some not so fancy make ups which you can read about here on my Make Up Monday posts. I am still really thrilled with the Elf foundation,, I wish they had more product line available for women of color- because it’s a solid product at the price point. Maybe they’ll catch a clue and expand past 11 shades.


One other little thing I keep chipping away on is this batch of  harem pants, I have completed 3 pairs this month and I am just super happy about how far I’ve come with my sewing and my skills and what I’m able to provide for people. It’s a real treat to be able to sew for a group- it’s stressful- but awesome. I can’t wait to see these on stage!


I’ve also making some awesome headway on my Nekkid’s costume so I’m pleased I should have that up and running by July or August- you know- fingers crossed. Read up about the fabulous fringe process herehere and HERE!


And that brings us to the end of the month of May shenanigans for us! Thanks for reading and playing along- I hope you’ve been enjoying and sorry I was a little behind on this- I got super caught up fringing!

Bonus round? Video from Maine just came in- so I’ll get to share that with you as well!! Please enjoy the official launch of the Bewb Armor costume in all her glory!

Till next time fearless readers!

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