When you’re making a fringe costume- pretty much all you do for several weeks- is fringe. fringe. fringe and more fringe. I’m grateful I have my home back- but I did get a chunk of work done over the last few days.  With my folks in down it sort of threw everything into chaos and with the trip to the airport I  had to scrap a planned workshop Sunday- so I just aborted that, came home and sat on the couch and tried to recover! I wound up taking a huge nap and then attacking more fringe.

I feel like I posted these- but in case you wanted to know what progress was looking like- ta-da- that’s it.

Fast forward a few days- and I have completed all the tan fringe to accompany the pink! I I feel really pleased with how this is shaping up currently.  Something about fringe is just really satisfying to me. I don’t *love* making it- but I enjoy it enough to keep putting it on my costumes.


With the tan finished- I obviously couldn’t wait any longer and immediately stitched down the pink with contrasting black thread (for easy removal later in case necessary and reduce risk of cutting a strand of fringe)


Then I added the tan so from the front it would be pink on the outside and the tan underneath- and with this all together- I am confident- this is what magic looks like.


I need to do some work on the ends where the belts connect- but I have a plan for that we will discuss later- don’t you worry about that!

Now that one half of the belt fringe is complete – I prepped the ribbon for the back panels of fringe. The way I’ve mostly arranged this has been a loose V shape on the pillow- so the way I create a frame work is by marking out the center- and then where I want the peaks of the fringe to be- along with the shortest strands- then I put that against the upside down “house” shape on my pillow and just bead away. It’s not exact- but it gets it “close enough” and with this amount of fringe- close enough is good for me. I used hot orange and purple threads to distinguish which threads were which- makes it easy to not get confused with any working thread- and keep track of where is short and long.


As you can see my cats were doubled up on “observation” duty this week- and it was so adorable. I managed to chip away a whole other section of pink fringe and I’m really excited- at this rate I should be able to get both layers of belt completed in approximately 2-3 weeks before moving on to the bra- which should have significantly less fringe- so that will speed things up.

And that’s about where I leave you for this week.
I had originally gotten this up on Thursday- but something happened with a short edit and it went away and reverted back so I had to come fix it. Go figure- thank you mobile technology. Sometimes MORE tech isn’t the answer =)

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Till next time fearless costumers!


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