Make Up Monday 6.4.18

Welcome back fearless costumers and welcome to Make Up Monday- I was really hopeful that I would be able to share my new Melt Cosmetics Baby Girl stack- BUT it isn’t due to arrive till Monday- so I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with the new highlighter and Urban Decay Beached Palette. This is one of their new and slightly smaller “vertical” palettes.
I confess I walked into Ulta to pick up my new foundation brush- and they obviously didn’t have it in the store- and happened I strolled by this beautiful palette and obviously said “well that’s not a brush- but you are very pretty so you’re coming home with me.”
I’m a sucker for pretty palettes- what can I say. The packaging is fun- but I’m not SUPER crazy about using it- mostly because with a horizontal style – you have a way of holding them and manipulating the palette- and when it’s vertical like this with the lid that hinges off top, it’s not as efficient for actually holding and using? if that makes sense.

Ultimately I’m sure I’ll adjust- but it is a little unwieldy as you first start to use it if you’re used to holding your palettes a particular way while using them.

I popped it open saturday morning when I had some down time with my folks lounging around and did some swatches. Moving from top top bottom a quick run down:

  1. Salt, that top light shade, is really creamy- but disappointingly tame
  2. Blaze is also super creamy, and a surprise for the color- great all over color
  3. Heatwave- beautiful as is- beautiful foiled- little fall out but wonderful
  4. Daybreak is probably my favorite- it’s just a really delicious burnt sienna matte that’s wonderful in the crease
  5. 16th Street- OMG YAS
  6. DoubleDip- popped this on my lid- so easy to work with- just creamy and minimal fall out- this was one of the shades that made me buy this palette
  7. Plunge- I don’t see myself using this TOO often- but it’s really stunning and also very creamy
  8. Wedge- I LOVE THIS COLOR. I wish they had made a matching matte- but it’s so rich and beautiful. It’s well worth the palette.

photo collage maker_drraad796350791..png

The middle of this palette really is why I bought it: heatwave, daybreak, 16th street and double dip (and wedge) but I could have definitely just bought it for those four- they really jumped out at me and said TAKE ME HOME! so I did. *lesigh*

Downside- there is no matte transition shade- and no dark matte shade to punch up the corner- AT ALL. So that’s a huge disappointment because to me that would make this totally self sufficient as its own palette. Those two additional shades would have made this palette close to perfect for me. Ultimately that’s the biggest disappointment for me but I think I’ll still keep her.

I also picked up this “euphoric gold” from Makeup Revolution – I thought it might be more of a pop than the luminous gold I already had. I was … wrong. It’s far lighter and much less pop- I’m considering taking it back- but since these are so inexpensive I may just keep it for lotion application- or “light” highlight days.

photo collage maker_no6gwh2139124798..png

I got to utilize it for dinner that night- and tried to downplay it a little since my family was travelling light and I didn’t want to over dress. But it was a really lovely palette and easy to use. Here are two looks I’ve done this weekend so far with it while I”ve had it.


I’m looking forward to playing with both the palette and the highlighter some more and I’ll share when I get some more pictures for you all.

And that’s all I have for you this go round fearless costumers! Stay tuned for more make up and more fringe!

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