Fringe and….things!

Well- it’s mostly an “and things” post today.  But nevertheless- welcome back! This week is a little silly- My parents are stopping in- which in their world means flying- and staying for 3 days and I double booked because there is a photo shoot scheduled Saturday. I had Memorial day off and I spent the time cleaning, fringing and trying to be organized for the week so I took the time to have a nice relaxing morning with Bob the Narwhal (Check his IG for travel updates!)


I spent the morning working on blogs, coffee and online classes. I’m excited but definitely a little stressed because I have so much going on.  Family rolling in for the weekend is never really a “small event”.  Basic plan was to go do a good dinner at our favorite spot Friday and then drag my mom along with me to the photoshoot and let dad do the Philly historical things. Seemed like a decent Saturday plan. Womp Just kidding about this whole paragraph. Unfortunately the photoshoot was cancelled due to some last minute drop outs- but we’ll see when I can reschedule. Unfortunately now I’m not sure what I’m going to do with house guests on a rainy Saturday!

I’ve made more progress on the fringe- but the whole “clean the house” situation took over my life a little bit- so not as much progress as I would have prefered- but when the fam is coming in- you gotta do what you gotta do. I did organized costumes for the shoot on Saturday- I think the plan currently will be a beautiful teal pharonics that I have never used, bewb armor and then maybe a saidi dress- or just a regular dress. I wanted to get some fun pictures with my mom AND some good shots for the blog that are more “head shot” style pictures. I actually got the pharonics wearable AND I washed that baby GO ME!

I also really like having clean brushes going into my photoshoots- so I cleaned all my brushes- which is the bane of any make up artists day. It just… takes.FOREVER. and it’s messy. Also I feel like you have no idea how many brushes you TRULY own- until you have to go clean them.

I managed to destroy my favorite stippling brush by real techniques. It just- gave up. I was super sad.

photo collage maker_dmvwm531366850..png

I’m embarrassed to share the before house pictures since I’m still in progress toward “ta-da CLEAN!” of my current sewing/costume situation so that will have to wait post family visit! #panicandrun #panicandrun Maybe if I’m feeling more brave later I’ll share the difference.  All that being said- the best I got was the two quick working “on the go”  and since this is supposed to be a costume blog- here’s the fringe progress- this is the second point of the fringe- and each section gets 3 so progress! It’s amazing what a solid 45 minutes of undisturbed time will do for me. I love it.

photo collage maker_unctnd1126337673..png

I fear that is all I have for you all this Thursday!! I have a very full weekend with my folks and a workshop on Sunday in the city but hopefully I will have a lot more for you in terms of progress on Monday!

Till next time fearless costumers!


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