Fantastical Fringe!

I started this particular costume a few months ago and as is my way- put it aside.  Now that I’ve finished with Bewb Armor and it is time to move on. So enter “Nekkid Costume”-at this point the belt base is covered and one is decorated about half way with crystals.

I had a new idea (spring fling- I know I know I promised you)- she was all lined up but this beauty just keeps staring at me so I figured it was best to jump in. What I love about this costume right now is that it is extremely portable and it’s simple- straight forward. It’s fringey with sparkly so it should come together with little effort (other than time vested). You join me as I jump right back in to making fringe. easy peasy lemon squeezy!

photo collage maker_ckmzjk1033990440..png

And if I’m being honest I really should finish making things I start new, you know-not just moving on to new projects (adulting is hard).

This is about where we are with this- almost one quarter of all the belt fringe is completed- and the back panel of the belt needs all it’s crystals still. The bra isn’t complete on this- so I’ll be detailing that process in a week or two when I finally get to it.

I really wanted the texture of V shape fringe. Of course I did- because straight fringe- or a simple “add one bead” angle- wasn’t good enough. ON top of that I’ve got two layers of fringe- which both of those statements are a fancy way to say this will be taking FOREVER- but in the end it’s a choice that’s 100% worth it for the look. You can see that shape taking form here:

photo collage maker_jy2fmp603146109..png

The plan is to layer the pink over a translucent tan color which will create a really lovely subtle texture. This was all inspired by this beautiful iridescent pink and gold circle chiffon fabric I bought on line to make circle skirts.  They are all very pale- which pretty much means when I say NEKKID- I’m going to be NEKKID. Which is a wee bit scandalous- but who doesn’t want to be sparkly, fringey AND a little scandalous?  That’s half the fun right! I think it’s important to note for me this is a marked moment of costume evlution for me. Not a lot of design or heavy embellishments but a focus on movement- which fringe and the crystals will REALLY bring out. So I’m thrilled.

I’ve included a video collage of my fringe making process- it’s pretty straightforward- ribbon- double layer of heavy duty thread- secure- bead- secure. Ideally you would want to secure these knots at the end with some glue. But I get to that later when I have nothing better to do. Also- note most of these have at LEAST a small seed bead at the bottom- the tan I started doing it at the top as well- it’s easier on the thread and you’re less likely to cut the thread with the sharp edges of the cut glass of the bugle beads.

I’m really pleased in about 2 weeks I’ve finished half the pink fringe (one half of the belt) and put a huge dent (IMO- the math may say otherwise) in the translucent tan. I’ve been beading at gigs- and any events with down time, pretty much everywhere. But that’s the way it works sometimes 🙂  you can see the progress of the base layer here- isn’t this just magical? It’s going to be so amazing.

And obviously- TIME LAPSE- to show you- what it really looks like doing fringe work. #excitingnot But it’s the way it works- and I’m to “frugal” (you can read cheap here- it’s okay- I’m not offended) to buy fringe- I want what I want and I don’t mind doing the work for it.

Just a side note here: a product known as a bead spinner DOES exist, here, herehere and here. So they are definitely easy to come by- I just don’t care to use them that much because of the needles and the sewing- most bead spinners use specific needles and it doesn’t work as well (for me) with thicker thread that I’m trying to sew through something at the top- sooooooo I just don’t have one. When I DO make long swags- I have a make shift set up and it works just fine- but I honestly don’t need another gadget I’m not really going to use- so yes I know they exist they ARE super useful- but no it’s not something I need. Following up on this conversation- here’s a list of things that I’m using on this project! for the iridescent chiffons

Spandex world

Fire Mountain Gems

Nekkid Bead List

And that’s what I’m going to leave you all with today! For those of you reading in the States- Happy Memorial Day- please enjoy responsible!

Till next time fearless costumers!

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