Summer Project Line Up

I feel like so many artists have so many ideas- are always inspired by so many things- and we hoard. We hoard ideas, we hoard materials, fabrics beads, fancy things that we can “always put to good use.  I feel very much like I am NOT alone in this- and it results in a slew of projects that get all lined up and some happen- and some never do. Sometimes you have them sitting waiting for more motivation- or possible creative inspiration or they sit for lack of inspiration but they never go away- and all of that is okay (assuming you have space and a gracious significant other!)

This week, after a full weekend away, I’ve fallen ill with the crud and I am likely to be home for at least two days. It’s currently just a head cold- but still- it’s gross and sucks.

You don’t want to hear about that- so moving on- I have a site I use called kanbanflow to help me track my projects- it keeps track of my over all projects and daily/weekly tasks so I thought I would share a little with you all the projects I have going on there! (I also use it for blogging, for work and for choreography and training- so it’s got a lot of uses)

I just wrapped up Bewb Armor and have picked up my Nekkid Costume (post pending!).

Currently the list looks like this:


I have 2.5 pairs of these complete

The fringe on lisa frank is 100% complete- I just- got creatively stone walled.
Black Mirror- totally stalled in idea phase

Nekkid-I have officially picked back up- you’ll see that shortly!

Beautiful new pants shaping up!


Nekkid costume fringe shaping up.
I honestly feel like the two layers I had initially intended might not be robust enough- (pink on top, tan under) so I may double up each layer- which- will add at least 2 months- but probably TOTALLY worth it in the end.

photo collage maker_jy2fmp603146109..png

Lisa Frank- all my beautiful skittles and the delicious fringe I made!



On top of this list, I have a few that haven’t made it to the board or actually been started: Spring Fling, Assuit and Animal Print. All of which have parts and ideas and thoughts in my cavernous brain rattling around but I haven’t quite gotten them manifested yet.

Priority currently is to fix up the living room- it’s a hot mess and my folks are coming to visit AND I have a photo shoot in 2 weeks. But we do as we do and I’ll get to that- at some other time- because I can’t be bothered currently.   So I’ll plow ahead with fringe and collective pants for the time being and see where that leaves us in a week or two!

Till next time fearless costumers!


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