BHB Lair Update: Singer Serger ProFinish

27-30 August 2018

Here in the Brick House Designs Lair- we… (and be “we” I mean my cats and myself) frequently make do with what we have- I’ve long been an adoptive parent to wayward machines and lonely discarded toys that people don’t want. Which is how I wound up with six, yes six sewing machines. If you sew- it’s not unusual to become a collector- so six machines it is. And I learned according to the bonds of holy matrimony there IS an upper limit- and the answer in this house is “6”- six is the upper limit.

Being said- I have never purchased a *brand* new sewing machine.  But Saturday in some what of an exasperated state- I threw my hands up and said- I want a new one. I had previously completed group order and had stashed the cash away specifically for machine rehab- but I said…  it was time. I currently have a sewing order in front of me and I need a machine that works efficiently and consistently.  I thought having a nice new machine will be something good for myself. I don’t usually buy brand new toys- but it was time. SO I SPLURGED.

So I ordered a new Singer Serger Pro Finish off Amazon Prime for about $225 and it arrived Monday by 1 pm. I was THRILLED- they estimated Tuesday- so coming home to a machine was wonderful! Downside- I got my second knee injection done- which meant I was hobbling around for 2 whole days- so getting my new serger was set up low on the list.


I finally had a chance to get her set all up and I have some thoughts off the bat. The box came as shown above and – which if you have an issue with theft- something to keep in mind.  It was well packaged with styrofoam and plastic bags all wrapped up and tidy.

1.) I did some research about sewing on chiffon and ways to stabilize. And instantly realized a large part of my problems was likely the fact I was mostly sewing one layer of chiffon- and needed either some stabilization or double up the layers by folding it over on itself. whoops?


photo collage maker_fadquq2048572892..png

2.) The machine comes already threaded with 4 primer colors to help you re-thread it with your own threads. This is really helpful and I was under the impression this was NOT the case.

photo collage maker_faffja1206822611..png

3.) The serger comes with suction cups on the bottom!


4.) This machine does NOT come with a catch tray for all the trimmings from the blade.  My old simplicity serger does not either- and I’ve just sort of managed without one- but it’s probably worth the investment- they aren’t that expensive. But just an FYI- you have to get your own with this machine.

5.) Set up was a snap. I know mostly how to thread a serger albeit this one was a little different than mine- but I got it up running in about 30 minutes and was testing sample fabric and fiddled with tensions and stabilization techniques within the hour.  And an hour and a half was up I had started working on my projects and made some great headway.

6.) This DOES seem to be a little louder and clanging sounding (I knew this because of some reviews- but I think it still sort of surprised me).

I’m not crazy about that aspect but it runs smoothly and that makes me happy. I got the stitches and tension lined up pretty quickly with no complaints. The manual is a little confusing- but comes with a quick set up DVD and there are TONS of tutorials on this very machine on youtube and crafsty.  Obviously I don’t have much to add past that it runs and it’s new and shiny and I’m happy.  Despite having been sewing for many years- I’m still fairly new to the serger world and so I there is still a lot of trial and error with the different stitches but I’ll keep you all posted with my learning process!

And last but not least: Hulk rehab I’ve continued picking out the beads and sequins into little piles.  My order of little things came in from my friend – and while I”m not entirely sure I’ll be able to use all of it I know I can put the some of it to use and the rest can be put to use another costume on another day.

There are two different fabrics show in the top left- (plus the costume at the very top) the bugle and seed beads on the top right- and my cat on the bottom. Because- that’s just how we roll sometimes.

photo collage maker_gjsdmi733333539..png

This is the current state of affairs with the green hulk and removal of sequins and beads. I’m starting to really see gold and green on this and I have visions of beaded appliques in my head and very long groupings of fringe off the appliques. I HAVE VISIONS! Those visions will need to wait for now as I chip away slowly at the removal process.


And that’s all I have for you all- stay tuned for an August wrap up- a brand new make up Monday and more sewing costuming pictures headed your way! Till next time fearless costumers!  I’m really looking forward to September with you all- September is going to be a crazy month!

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