Step One: Have Idea!

Welcome! Welcome to what is sure to be an absurd adventure of general mind dumping, ridiculous cat pictures- and of course-costuming projects!

I sit here at my desk on my uncomfortable chair, trying to ingest enough coffee so I don’t sound foolish, knowing that even as I type- one day I will look back and cringe at this first post. But every beginning journey has it’s first wobbly steps. And every new journey has growing pains. There is nothing to be done but to jump right in and get started. Well, I can’t speak for others, but for me that’s most certainly the way it works.

As always with a new project, the first step is just having an idea. I’ve been dabbling with the idea of trying to actively document my design and creative process for the last two years- it’s been simmering and all. But I had a free morning (Har har har) and here I sit, with my new idea looking like something.

My husband and I joke that I’m like a hot air balloon- fancy and full of myself, but really I just get very excited about ideas and prone to getting carried away-and he’s my rock who holds me down and keeps it real for me.

(Inserts predictable picture of a hot air balloon)


So the what’s the point of this? The point is, having ideas is great. Having great ideas is even greater.

Shit- Having ANY idea is great. Because you can work with it!

Almost all things can be achieved eventually but make sure your idea is grounded with some reality:

Have idea? CHECK- have timeline? CHECK- have budget? CHECK!

Especially with costumes! They take time, money and energy. And the less you’re willing to pay- the more you usually have to be willing to do. (that beautiful 12″ fringe you want? hours and hours to make- or you can pay to have someone make it- or order pre-made!)

So when you’re gathering your idea thoughts – really sit down and look at what resources you have- and what deadlines you have and what’s your budget. Seems like basic stuff- but it’s very easy (says me- the queen of getting carried away) for it to get away from you and become overwhelming. Having concrete boundaries and expectations up front- means you’re more likely set up for success in the long run.

If you’ve made it this far- congratulations and thank you for joining me and I hope you come back and visit!


    1. Thank you. I did accidentally delete it. But I put it back. I think it’s showing on mine? Or maybe just the heading picture. Womp! I’ll fix it! Thank you very much.


      1. I tried to load it again, I’m on mobile but I’ll check when I get home! I was hoping once embedded I could delete them from my media account so I tried it and. Womp. Not so much! So I’ll take a look again when I am home at my computer. =)


    1. Thank you! I appreciate it! I’m hoping to be educational and fun at the same time. Because, well, that’s how I roll! =) thanks for stopping in to give it a read!

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