Make Up Monday- Juvias Place

5 March 2019

Welcome back to another round of make up Monday! I was really hoping to have a video for you on the new melt stack blue print- but due to some shipping issues- I’m waiting for another order replacement pan and I’m just behind on make up!

Fortunately I’m still a make up junkie and cannot help myself! So I present to you today- the new Juvias Place Warrior palette, liquid to matte lipstick, blush and highlighter! This palette is a thing of beauty- I’m genuinely thrilled to add it to my collection- it has 3 mattes and 6 shimmer/metallics.  Bonus two shades I could use as highlighters. I justified to myself the purchase “well I can take it for travel and it will be one less thing if I don’t have to pack a separate highlighter” but honestly- who am I kidding- I always pack two highlighters at a minimum. #nolie



But let’s jump in- this is larger than the other palettes I have (the minis) and that annoys me because I am a little OCD and a nerd- needy and I want them to all line up exactly the same, but we all can’t get what we want now can we?  The pans are large and generous. And with a lovely 20$ price point- this is a hard palette to beat. It’s full of warm golden shades and it absolutely radiates.

Formulas seem to be consistent with the other palettes I have and I really enjoy using it. I’ve used it on it’s own several times and then started to stack with other Juvias place palettes for more looks.  And like the other palettes, the mattes have a medicore swatch, the metallics are stunning and the apply the opposite- matte shades blend beautifully- metallics usually require a lot of brush work or just go in with your finger for the most BANG of color.

I can accept this as the formula, they (in general) are lovely palettes that are beautiful to look at and I really enjoy using. I’d absolutely recommend this one specifically for anyone who wants a bronzed/golden goddess look in their life or just more gold/warm metallics. Frankly it’s a stunning palette for the price point. I highly recommend it. It’s good for daily looks an for gigs and really can’t be beat.

The blush Bella is really incredibly rich- I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull it off, but I used a really lovely light fluffy tulip brush and a LIGHT hand and had great results. It’s buttery smooth and just absolutely a brilliant shade. I swatched the slightly orange shade and it made me look ill (least on my wrist) so I went with the deep wine blush for gig type make up.

The lippie is the darkest of the 3 available at Ulta, LuLu- frankly it’s my perfect red. I’m blown away by the color of this product. It reminds me of what NYX snow white looks like on everyone else- but that always fell short on me. It’s absolutely breathtaking with the right amount of blue in it. Now- the wand on this is shit. I hated the application. at all. And it is not a true dry down matte- it stays a little damp? but was smudge proof on my wine glass? Removal was tough with micellar water and a baby wipe- it pretty much just went EVERYWHERE on my face- but I’m looking forward to this as a long wearing gig lipstick- I’ve worn it for gigs and for a late night and really was surprised with it.


And finally the real crown on this Ulta haul is the Nefertiti loose highlight powder. This is the lighter of the two shades available- the other being a bit bronzy and just GOLD- vs a highlight shade- so for me- that other darker shade was tew much.

Here are few looks for gigs and for day where I put together with this palette:




and here the highlight, palette and lippie and the blush- I’m head over heels in love with this make up. #ijs it’s just- SO GOOD. I’m tickled pink to be able to share.


I apologize for holding back on the make up posts recently, I’ve been drowning in product and really enjoying using all these new products so very much! I hope you all enjoyed today’s post on my new Juvia’s place products.  Let me know if you pick up any of the products and what you are loving this month!

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