Dance Dance like we’re fringing it all!!!!

MORE FRINGE MORE FRINGE MORE FRINGE +Plus friends! Slow and steady goes the fringe game!

Being said-I managed to bang out about 2/3 of the back panel of tan fringe this week- which was quire frankly a miracle considering I had workshops Saturday and Sunday in the city.

Speaking of- the workshops were wonderful. I love getting to spend time with my Salimpour family. Saturday was the Suhaila format overview- and we learned Princess of Cairo.  Sunday was a Jamila format overview and we learned a new debke-esque old school gritty number that was AWESOME.

One of the great things we do is start off the Jamila day’s with cultural context and history behind the format and it’s a great opportunity to learn it’s really fascinating and a great chance to get info straight from the source.  Being said- I try to be serious – but sometimes- not so much!


There were MUCH shenanigans and coffee to to be had- including a Debbie mauling in the elevator.  I’d say Donna didn’t know- but she climbed into the elevator with us- she knew the risks!!!  Speaking of Debbie please take a second to go check out Debbie’s site DWebb Designs for kick ass clothes and dance apparel- she’s talented- funny and an awesome dancer- I’m glad to have her in my circle of peeps!

Day two we strolled down stairs for coffee at lunch to Gregory’s coffee which had this great little sign- unfortunately it also had a crazy AC blast going- so Debbie and I hid under the table to not be cold. #totallynormalright?

Big shout out to everyone who came Saturday and Sunday to get sweaty with us- it’s been a long time since Suhaila was in NYC and it was great to have her back in our “home” land on the East Coast!


On to the next!!

Two things got accomplished this week. (well more than that- but in the costuming world)- I finished one of the circle skirts- it’s hella beautiful- I am SO excited I got one banged out this week. Just- SO.HAPPY.  If anyone is wondering how to hem a circle skirt- this is my variation. I use a binder clip and a soft tape to measure ( front 33.5 and back 37 – and yes they are usually different!) and pop that puppy on the dress form on my coffee table and just move the tape along the top to make sure it stays even. It works pretty well- not 100% but I’d say gets me to 90% of a good cut/hem. So win win!


I now need to do an iridescent gold underneath it- so I have TWO MORE to add to the list as soon as I buy the fabric.  WOOT WOOT- going to be so pretty together.

On to the fringe! First things first- No lie- this shit is pretty as hell.



But- it also makes a fancy headdress if you’re in the mood!


I thought I’d try out being Cleopatra for a minute. I took it off- yellow gold hair isn’t really my look if I’m honest.

I’ve moved on to the final portion of the tan fringe on the back panel. So I should be able to finish this by Tuesday night and move on to the pink- so in theory- in THEORY if all goes well- all this fringe- or 90% of it- will be complete by Friday.  I’m am delusional enough to say “TRY TO MAKE IT” for Saturday’s gig- but that’s just foolishness. The rhinestone application on the remainder of the belt AND the bra will take far to long- but I am forever optimistic and over achieving of my timelines. As I’ve aged I realize more and more what’s possible and that I have plenty of other things to wear- so it won’t help me to make me super stressed- so I usually opt out- but the voice in my head says try. Again- voice – you’re a bitch- go away.


Can’t wait to share the completed fringe project with you all SO.SOON! Stay tuned- more to come- please comments or questions if anyone has any!

Till next time fearless costumers!

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