More fringe? Knot a problem!

Wrapping up another week here at the BDB Design Vault! After fringing furiously this week- I’m wrapping it up! We are coming to the end of the marathon fringe posts-  I’d say I’m almost sad, except- I have the bra to handle still as well- AND- AND-AND- I have this other pile of fringe I made- and I have to go back and attack that. It’s stunning- I called it my “green goober” costume and honestly –I don’t even have fabric- just this stunning incredible green and yellow fringe. I can’t wait to see it action whenever I get around to finishing it. Because you know- priorities.
I still need to get back to Lisa Frank- but she may just have to wait. We shall see. I have opinions and plans. I don’t have a picture for that- so you’ll just have to wait and see!

I am wrapping up the last of the tan fringe for the belt- I have some gaps to fill in- and I need to make sure that the fringe connects on the belt- so I will have some shorty pieces to fill in the sides- but otherwise- we are CLOSE PEOPLE- SO CLOSE. I am regaining hope I might be able to finish this puppy! I have a lot of spare time on Saturday so WHO KNOWS!


Tuesday I got caught at home- (Read as “my scheduled changed an I suddenly became incapable of carrying out what I intended”- thank you psychological problems)  But I had filmed a great little fringe tutorial for you all- got it all edited- and it was exported (where I thought it had been saved) so I deleted all the individual footage- and woke up this morning to edit it to add the final picture of the tan fringe to the end of the video and that shit was all gone. so sad.  I’ll have to do another tutorial for you all. Womp womp. I need to figure out a way to do an overhead set up with some lights so I can actually show you what I’m doing- because- god help me if I do a crappy video you can’t see and get it edited and then no one can see anything.  Right now I’m mostly taking shots of stills- but it’s nice to be able to actually show you all and talk about it rather than just write. It just takes a little more leg work I guess. We’ll get there- you and I and this baby blog of mine!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which- by the end of the night- left me here:


Fancy right?

Upside-  I’m on to the pink- and I didn’t realize I had as much of it done as I did! WOOT WOOT.  I worked on it today and finished the last half of the last V shape. Which means about 4” of fringe to go- and the bra fringe.

Following up on that- I acquired some green shit. For a new thing!  So I should have something new and totally different for you all to oogle at- including mai bewbs up and coming! I’m really excited and hope this works out.

But this is pretty much my life right here in a nut shell:

“woman boss on alert- I got this”
no really – it’s taking over- send halp

But all that aside- I picked up some 1/2″ high density foam- and then some interfacing- so NEW PROJECT! I’m looking to get started on that Saturday- pretty excited all in all.

Anyhoo- that’s it for today- stand by for some more fun shennanigans on Monday!

Love you all- and till next time fearless costumers!

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