Make Up Monday 7.1.2018

Make Up Monday comes a day early!!!
I”m releasing this baby into the wild a day early- one because I’m here and two because I am leaving hella early for work and I’d rather just post it now than deal with trying to schedule it to be posted- which is of limited success to me. You’re welcome you Sunday Night Facebookers !!!

I’ve done it again #speanddatmoney, for many reasons but if I’m honest it’s because I’m narcissistic and also Marge is a bitch- and when Marge shows up I try to buy her gifts so she can go away.

Usually my drug of choice is make up. I freely admit- I have a retail therapy problem. Plus Melt Cosmetics had a solid sale going on- so I picked up Baby Girl and LYNX a blush light highlighter.

I’ve been super excited to get my hands on this stack and FINALLY IT IS MINE.

Spending my last cents, I went ahead and snagged it. 20180606_1958031423104347.jpg

And one of the things I LOVE about Melt is the fact their packaging is SO freaking pretty. IT HURTS IT’S SO PRETTY.

Let’s dive in and do the highlighter first. This is actually called a blushlight- as part of this collection- so it’s not really one of their flat out “highlighters” – and I was really skeptical- because- it’s a little dark- but after carefully examining the pictures- I decided that YES- this is the one for me.


and upon opening it- I panicked- because holy fuck that’s dark. beautiful- but dark.  I immediately had concerns. It did swatch- a little dark- but it is quiet possible- this will be wearable for me. it is SUPER smooth, buttery and lovely to the touch. I also tried it with a fluffy brush and was instantly pleased with the pick up- small fall out- but pick up was great. (their regular highlighter I have a harder time picking up product- so I was actually quiet concerned about that aspect)


I am most certainly skeptical about using this product on me and I feel like I’ll have to play around with it before coming to a reasonable solution on product wear.

And now- for the good stuff!

I already love this. The packaging- the colors- just absolutely stunning- could.not.get.enough.of.this.



Colors L to R: Break Up, Crush, Main Squeeze, Scammin, Hopeless Romantic

That second color crush? took my breath away- so creamy- and SO MUCH PRODUCT. The two mattes flanking it (from L to R) are nice but I did have to swatch twice to get the same color payoff as ONE swipe with Crush. Absolutely stunning.  Just on swatch tests,the weakest color in the stack would be Scammin- but. that’s swatch only- and honestly – no one applies makeup like the swatch, so I try to take that with a grain of salt

The duochrome Hopeless Romantic- is REALLY lovely- it’s this pinkey gold color that I’m dying over. Can’t wait to put it everywhere.

This was the first day playing with the palette- I really love this.  The duo chrome has some fall out- and it’s a little more glittery than I would have preferred but wowee bumble pee- this palette really packs a punch!

photo collage maker_dmvwm5656332076..png

Like I kind of can’t get over how pretty this is. I reach for this all the time- the left is one of the first looks I did- the right was one I did for today (Baby Girl and the blushlight!) and only used 2 or 3 shadows- and it’s a really easy- fabulous all over look that I can do quickly. WIN.WIN.WIN.


I’m excited to use some of these colors in conjunction with other palettes to really play off the colors and give it some depth. I’m also a this point trying really hard to expand my skill set- I realize I’ve falling deeply into a very standard eye look abyss. Don’t get me wrong- that abyss- is really good. I am very pleased with how my makeup looks these days- but it’s looking very singular in nature. (least to me) so I’m trying to expand a little with my technique and my eye looks. It’s hard- I don’t have *as much* time as I used to these days so it’s a little rough.

Till next time fearless costumers!!!

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