Juvia’s Place: Mini Masquerade

30 Nov- 3 Dec 2018

Welcome back! I have another Juvia’s Place palette for you all today- if you missed my last review of the Nubian and the Saharan- check this first review here! I wound up getting this one specifically for a Ursula look and I needed some cool toned colors for the lid- so the top row of metallic shades was the reason, I say reason- but let’s be real, it was just an excuse. This one had more warm tones in it that I knew I would reach for regularly. I don’t particularly care more cool tone looks on me other than the odd pop of color on the lid so I kept it middle of the road.  This palette is the Mini Masquarade- it’s also 20$ and it’s the same palette as the larger one- just smaller. There colors are exactly the same.

Mini Masquarade.jpg

This palette is the same heavy duty cardboard and it’s little bit bigger than the Nubian and the Saharan palettes which annoys me a little. My type A wants them to be the same size- but you know- we can’t have everything we want in life and I’ve resolved myself to accepting that they won’t. If you buy as much product as I do- it’s going to happen.

Let’s jump right in-swatches- the top too rows and then the top bottom rows.  Again- the metallics are insane to swatch. I can’t get over how pigmented some of them are- you can see the two cool toned blues/teals in the middle- ONE SWIPE. The hot pink- ONE SWIPE.

mini swatches.jpg

The mattes are again- not really that impressive to swatch. But- after handling these products I’d say they preform exactly opposite of the swatch. I really enjoy the mattes and feel like I haven’t hit my stride with the metallic shades. My best look yet has been using my finger to press the color into the lid. Brush application hasn’t gone as well for me. But the mattes all apply and work beautifully.

Again- I wanted to use this solo before really digging into making looks combining them- and I’m pretty pleased over all with the looks.

photo collage maker_gavv2s1973603273..png

photo collage maker_vlzebm1672165211..png

photo collage maker_39mhm41627642693..png

So I’m enjoying who much I can get out of this palette- there are LOTS of options.

This is a work look I did utilizing all three of the Juvia’s Place palettes:


These are extremely flexible and great to work with- I’d definitely suggest them as a beginner series for someone just getting into make up- they are bright and fun AND they have mattes for really building up colors- so it’s a great mix of both worlds with color and build-ability.

If you’re looking for new collections to add- these should be on your list. Till next time fearless readers!

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