Make Up Monday- Juvia’s Place Palettes

1-5 November 2018

Welcome back fearless readers!  I have some fun new palettes to share with you today and another dark secret with you all: I am a retail therapy person. (SHOCKER- I KNOW). So it is no surprise that I wound up with two new Juvia’s Place Palettes from Ulta.


Color me excited (get it- color me?) so punny.

Okay- so backing up- if you don’t know who Juvia’s Place is please go do yourself a favor and check them out.  Chichi Eburu is the Nigerian born owner of Juvias Place and has changed the face of cosmetics with a product for women of color by a woman of color. She originally launched with brushes and when she produced the first palette, the Nubian, the company went viral- there is just such a HUGE need for pigments and product that cater to women of color.  The crazy pigmented shades pop on the skin and blend extremely well.  Personally I love the packaging- they are clean, sleek and beautiful to feel and look at. The art is just absolutely stunning and unique and I love the fact the it was was inspired by Queen Nefertiti.   They have 12 palettes available on line and you can pick up the whole bundle for 130$ if you’re feeling greedy. 😉Juvias Place.jpg

I had originally skipped picking them up because some of the brighter shades in some of the palettes aren’t really something I’d reach for personally but after walking past them so many times I couldn’t help myself and grabbed the Sarahan and the Nubian palettes which I thought the pair of them would be a nice compliment to each other and would be a little more streamlined than travelling with all my Melt stacks or the group of Anastasia Beverley Hills palettes that I’ve been using.  They are also really affordable at 20$ a piece and for travelling I feel a little more comfortable travelling without 200$ worth of eye shadows.




Swatches: These are just- absolutely glorious.
Nubain Swatches.jpg

Full disclosure: I didn’t think the matte shades swatched as well.  I felt that I needed to go over a few times to get a sense of what the color really looked like. Granted- a swatch is NOT how they apply on the eye- but I was a little disappointed considering how insanely crazy the metallics and foiled shades are- which- if we are talking about those- HOLY.CRAP. I think that next to the Melt Cosmetic gunmetal shadows- these are some of the best pressed foiled/metallic shades I’ve swatched. They were like butter and just – one single light swipe and so intense.

The Saharan



I went ahead and used them separately before I started combining them. I wanted to see how they performed solo before pairing them up. I am pleased with my choice to buy them as a pair. I think it worked well. It didn’t have a true peach shade for my skin but honestly I wasn’t expecting one- but if I had to have *one* more shade to make them totally perfect for me but that’s being SUPER specific to my needs and as this wasn’t designed for pale people- I’m totally not upset by this.

Nubian 1.jpg
Nubian look
Saharan Look

Over all they are a handy little set of palettes to keep on hand and I am quiet pleased to have picked them up as well as support smaller brand.

NEXT UP! I also picked up this stunning highlighter by OFRA– my first product from that company- It retails for 35$ at Ulta/Amazon/Ofra Cosmetics and they are also now at Ulta (WOOHOO) I had swatched all of them a while ago when I first saw them at Ulta and this is the one that struck my fancy.  I have to be honest, I’ve used this highlighter for a few weeks now and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.  It swatches well- it wears well, I don’t feel like I have a lot of texture with it either. I think one of my favorite things is that it’s smack in the middle the press, it’s not so soft that it has a ton of fall out but it’s also not so hard press that you feel like you have to go in constantly with the shade.


I’m honestly kind of obsessed- it’s my reigning “goldilocks” highlighter- perfect for day wear but totally something that can be dialed up for performance.


Whole Look.jpg
Various looks with Rodeo Drive


photo collage maker_7ftrwg616119838..png
Today’s Juvias Place look + Rodeo Drive

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed this post and some of these looks- let me know if you like them or you’d like to see something else!

Till next time fearless readers!

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