Hulk Rehab: Part 8

1-8 November 2018

Welcome back- time for a super quickie update on the belt progress. All things considering I’m making good headway on the belt. (Super secret pant update- FIVE DOWN!)

If you haven’t been following along- check these posts here to catch up on progress!

The chevron design has really come together and really looks great and I think will have a lot of visual impact.  I wanted to use more of these round stones but the navettes really just worked a lot better in the space- so we started with the “button” and just moved outward.

photo collage maker_i8wnsi1727010724..png

You can see in the above picture and the one immediately blow this I used the navette to frame the shape and I took the beading above it, then filled in the negative space.

photo collage maker_trgv2e673795263..png

Here in the above and blow picture you can see I used thread as a guide line and then terminated the beading and sequins at the bottom of the stone- I think it made for a sharper point and cleaner line. Again then filling in the space.

photo collage maker_2fckih724470034..png

You can see the soap line I used to keep the stones in line and about where they needed to be. Below the guide lines and soap are very evident. that was a life saving choice- kept me on track. You can also see the evolution of the softer point to the sharper longer chevrons. That was a happy accident- but man does it look fucking good. *fansself*

photo collage maker_hlrhcl188324737..png

And we’ve essentially come to the end of the process here. I don’t know how much over lap I need so I’m ending my sequins and beads here and from here I’ll move on to the front panel of the belt.

Thanks for checking in folks- till next time fearless costumers!


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