DIY Bellydance Belt: Hulk Part 4

Welcome back readers! Are you ready to move on with building our costume base for this Hulk reconstruction!

If you’ve missed out- please feel free to catch up here:

We’ve pulled materials off the belt and bra and we’ve also cup up our bra and covered it and now we move on to the belt.
I mention I was really inspired by this belt shape and also have been really wanting to do something that was a nod to Bella’s work without really copying her work (since that’s rude)

Now I have to admit also I love the idea of incorporated skirts that just go on- they are SO.EASY. then struggling in the back with extra skirts and pinning and trying to make everything just “go” together. But I’m a sucker for being able to mix and match so I continue to make bra and belt combos- plus I feel like if I were to ever sell them- they are easier to sell than a skirt that’s attached. But that’s a different story.

I was thinking about having this open in the front so I started by making the medallion separate then added the panel pieces. I put the medallion in the center of a V shaped belt to incorporated it to a belt shape I already like and worked off that to come up with a new one-  I traced out one side and cut it out to a shape that I liked- then flipped it to make the other side a mirror image.

photo collage maker_tvl7hp830592854..png

Once I had two of them I figured out how I wanted them to meet in the middle to create a flattering shape. GO BAT MAN SHAPE!


Then I used a slightly softer straight shape in the back- I’m not sure why I did that but we are going with it.  I had to fiddled with this a little more since it’s too high- you can see the back is riding about 2″ to high and this belt over all is “tew high” on my hips. But its’ a good start!


Once we get the shapes we like and the length- we cover it- easy peasy.

photo collage maker_4uqrav287574508..png
Back Belt Panel

Once all the panels are covered I sewed the medallion to the front pieces -but left the back and front pieces NOT attached- knowing I was going to be doing some heavy beading. And upon reflection I may actually still remove the medallion so I have some flexibility to adjust – if I sew through the panels AND the medallion with the beading- I’ll never be able to separate it out. Right now it has an easy 1.5″ in width I could get out of the costume b/c the panel pieces are touching in the front under the medallion.


And that my friends is a bra and belt base and we are ready to get started!!!



And that’s where we are- as you can see I jumped ahead doing all the things with the lines and design and beading because  I’m impatient as hell.

And that’s where we are- till next time fearless readers!


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