DC Weekend Wrap Up

5-11 October 2018

I want to start off by expressing how truly grateful I am for my dance community- life is stressful, and exhausting and chaotic. But I truly enjoy each time I get to go watch people dance and share in a community that rejoices women and men celebrating themselves.

This weekend was the Shimmytastic Boogaloo and a wonderful Bacon Eggs and Bellydance Hafla hosted by Bee and Razilee in the DC area.

I had work Friday evening- so I got ready- headed out and had a wonderful time entertaining folks and some adorable kids. I even managed to get some sewing done!

photo collage maker_usv7bh850849384..png

I managed to organize my things in preparation for taking off the following morning around 7:30- 8 AM. I’ve found packing for dance events to be the most stressful, because it’s not like you can run to rite aide and get a spare cymbal if you leave one.  Which causes me a great deal of stress if I can’t lay it all out in time and check it 5 times. Which is exactly what happened this time- not enough time- and only one or two lists- and on top of that I had two sets of costumes- and two gigs so I didn’t want to drag all of my stuff to an event that I didn’t need it- which meant I had 4 bags instead of 2.

But such is the life of a travelling dancer. I managed to get almost all of my make up and *only* forget the eye lash glue. (

I arrived in Sterling to pick up Donna and we headed out with the intent of a quick Sephora stop (HA HA HA HA- quick stop) and a Starbucks run before our 2 PM rehersal/run through.  We swatched all the things and each got some fun glitter flip lip sticks from a company called Ciate London.

photo collage maker_ojvgdx847207148..png

We did several run through with our new staging and got organized to start doing make up.  We had delicious kabobs from a little place up the street (Thanks Wendy!) and ran it a few more times when the final member of the collective arrived.   Then we packed it up and headed over quickly to the venue!

photo collage maker_wssyv71230147718..png

The show was a ton of fun and it was a great little venue with a really awesome audience. It was tough because the stage had this awkward bump out and we were still finding our feet with the staging- but I think across the board it went really well.  I’m really proud to say that I’ve created a pair of sexy and comfortable pants that’s gracing some MIGHTY-FINE-BOOTY.


We are a hot sweaty bunch of glowing bitches. SO GOOD. SO.SO.SO. GOOD.


Once we stopped sweating we spruced up and rolled out!

Highlighter for DAAAAAAAYZ

Dinner was awesome and we had a wonderful time with Bob and getting food. because food is PARAMOUNT!

photo collage maker_zxkjce925054841..png

Seriously- Bob was all over it:

photo collage maker_odwez61520333602..png

We called it a night and went home and started all over the next day!   I was up early and drug out my costuming and got a bunch done. Then we walked over and got our lunch/brunch – can we talk about how delicious this is!

photo collage maker_yv7ocg2028690939..png
Bob helping out with the make ups!

I told Razilee that I’d help her out with the donation table- and by “I” would help her I really meant Bob. Can’t you see how helpful he is!!!


The real MVP of the show honestly though- was Donna for catching this magical picture:


The more I look at the picture- the more I laugh.
But it’s even better- because we have video- this is the choreography I’ve been working on and competed at Essence and a bonus snippet at the end for fun!

I have some more work to do on it- but it’s starting to feel a lot more comfortable- I am considering going back to the original song and fill it out since it’s only 3 minutes. But the drum solo at the end was a nice touch.

We had to leave (or clear out) around 5- and we mostly managed to do so? It’s so hard when there are SO MANY SURPRISE FACES AT THE EVENT! I loved it- Bella and Kenya and Jeannie- we were happyhappy happy!

photo collage maker_atqjud479449005..png

And this group of fabulous ladies!

photo collage maker_pvwjuq314157101..png

The show was wonderful- a lot of really talented and creative people. I can’t express how grateful I am to be around people who want to dance and make art. It makes me heart sing. It’s what I live and breath for- that and fancy pants costumes 😉

…my people!


What a crazy weekend- I loved it so much. Thank you so much Donna and Becky and Larry and Razilee and Berna- I appreciate you all so much and I am so grateful to be able to share the dance floor with you crazy kids!!

Till next time fearless costumers!!!



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