Hulk Belt Embellishment Part 5

11-15 October 2018

Welcome back! This is certainly going to be one of those “settle in for the long haul posts when it comes to decorating. Much like fringe- there just won’t be as much to chat about because this process is quiet time consuming. But it is what it is- so I’ll do my best to keep it interesting.

If you haven’t been following check these post to catch up:

This is where we left off:


My first step was to outline roughly what I thought I was going to be looking at in terms of swirls and loops. I did some initial doodling on my sketch book and liked some of what I saw so I proceeded to draft out chalk lines realized it wasn’t good enough so I used this brightly colored thread and rough to stitch lines. Which is about when I realized all my larger crystals would in a straight line and I wasn’t crazy about it. I also realized I wanted belts/bras with a finished edge- (example- the nekkids costume- doesn’t have a finished edge and it’s one of the reasons I am not as fond of it.) So step one for me was to embellish the edge on purpose.

photo collage maker_gjqghb412903484..png

I started with the gold- then hit the green and did this really cute chevron pattern. This was the first time I haven’t done a beading doodle pad- where you make a scrap pad and practice some of your designs and see how they work- it’s a really useful tool and I may come back to it.

photo collage maker_ucuw7g1087012705..png

All in all I think it’s starting to come together and look really lovely.

photo collage maker_gd5iwu108128985..png

Then I started wrapped up the inside- which really keeps it a narrow space in the middle- but I’m okay with it considering I don’t really know what I’m doing. HEH- that’s the way it goes- so I’ll work with it and hope for the best!

And this is where I leave you as I head into the week! I was hoping to at least get this back panel done- but unfortunately Rakassah was to important! and I was too tired- so this is where we landed!


Stay tuned for a Rakassah 2018 Wrap up post- and -till next time fearless costumers!


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