Hulk Update: Part 17

14-17 January 2019

Fringe is moving along and I’m wrapping it up! I am really looking forward to setting this aside and getting back to the bra!

If you haven’t been keeping up- you can catch up with ALL of these posts:

WOOF- that’s a lot of links. But here we are! Almost there- I had one final V shape to finish on the front- and that happened about the same as the rest of them!


After more time than I care to admit- I’ve got it almost finished up, one long ass week of beading.


And as usual I find myself taking my work to many places and working in my car off my lap or where ever I can get a spot. But it helped me fill in those last little sections! #whateverittakes


And now that I’ll fill in the edges on the right and left of this, and next time we’ll have a finished belt and on to the bra!

Till next time fearless readers- Looking forward to updating you on my East Coast Classic trip this upcoming weekend!

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