DDLC Showcase and Hulk Rehab: Part 11

19-15 November 2018

Welcome back everyone!  As I start typing again- realizing now that numbering these posts- was likely over ambitious- at this rate I’m guessing we’ll hit “part 50” at some point. But- upside- at least you have a sense of how long it takes- and maybe it will be helpful later!

If you missed some of the other posts- check back here!

If you’re in the know- I’ve finished 11 of 13 pants so hopefully I’ll be able to really dial into this and get it done before Christmas- too ambitious? only time will tell.

But before we dive into the work- this weekend was the Drum and Dance Learning Centers yearly showcase! For anyone in the NJ area- the third weekend of November is ALWAYS the weekend of the show- so next year will be November 16th- you should come- it’s truly fantastic. WRITE THAT DOWN!

The width, breadth and depth of talent of all the performers on the stage is undeniable. There is so much heart and soul that goes into each show is a real treat to behold.

Even though I wasn’t on stage with my dance tribe, I was grateful to be there and able to be helpful to them and I really had a great night! Rob the lighting guy and I had a great time back stage and we even got some sweet decorated cookies from one of the dancers! (Hand painted belly dancers on them- and I can vouch for them they were delicious!)


Post show we had a slow- but delicious meal at Mastories with my people!


It’s so heartwarming and soul filling to see so much good work and be around my people. Loved it (although getting up for class the next morning was a little rough- I’m pitching for mismosas and yoga post show classes- I think we can get it to catch on!)

Moving on to the work I got done this weekend, last we talked- I had finished the first sets of chevrons on the front of the belt:


From there I needed to finish the other side, so I set up in the sound booth for between the tech rehearsal and the down time I had and managed to get a fair bit done when I had the moments to work.


The lighting wasn’t so great and I was a bit busy so forgive my pictures for being not well lit and a little fuzzy!

I managed to get almost all the way done with the second chevron on the left and it was at this precise moment I realized I’d made an error on my lines.

photo collage maker_9rxykm487227080..png

You can see the picture the green doesn’t meet under the stone- like it does on the other side. It meets further to the outside of the stone and rounds the whole look of the chevron which I didn’t want- SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- I had to take out both lines of those beading, and start again.

That’s some sexy talk right there- ripping out beads. *side*eye*


Once that was accomplished- I reevaluated my lines and figured out where I needed the lines to meet at the stone annnnnnnnnnnd I started over.

Once I got a little further into it- you can see it looks a lot cleaner and matches the other side on the right that the green matches under the point- which was the goal.

photo collage maker_p5v5j7379788143..png

Once I had completed both sides- I marked out where I thought my other crystals needed to be placed and packed it up and set aside the project to pick up another day!


Thanks for keeping up everyone and I look forward to having more to share with you later this week!

Till next time fearless readers!


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