Hulk Rehab: Part 10

12-15 November 2018

Welcome back for a late night post! Its’ been a crazy few days, and PANTS- SO MANY PANTS!- but I didn’t want to leave you hanging so I’ll hit you with a quick post wrapping up where we are!

If you haven’t really been keeping up touch base here with the recent post here Hulk Rehab: Part 9. Parts 1-8 are listed there as well if you need some light reading!

Last you saw our post, we had finished up the medallion piece in the center and set out guide lines for the navettes running the length of the belt:

More navettes arrived almost 5 days early so I could move forward!

Once the navettes were in place time for beading, I started down the guide lines and repeated the process.

Once that negative space is filled in it starts looking pretty sharp- I opted to fill in the space alternating rows again with color rather than filling it in with all green. Looking forward to completing this section of belt and moving on to the bra!


And when it’s all filled in, it’s just tiny beautiful beads!


And that’s all I have, I’m many many pairs of pants deep and squeezing in the extra beading was TOUGH, but I didn’t want to lose traction so I got this little bit done. I am very pleased and I’m looking forward to the next steps!

Till next time fearless costumers!


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