Tech Update and Hulk Rehab: Part 12

Welcome back- I hope you are enjoyed the day with your family and eating all the foods!  I want to say Happy Thanksgiving, but I’m acutely aware that today is also a day of National Day of Mourning for Native Americans which was founded in 1970 and while we gather to enjoy our family and friends and delicious foods we cannot forget the genocide of millions of people. While you’re recovering from your turkey coma’s – please feel free to read up on the National Day of Mourning and don’t gloss over what really happened here in the good old US of A.

On to more lighter fare- I’m OFFICIALLY 13/13 on the pants!
The order has been packed up and will ship tomorrow!

*insert party dance here*

AND bonus round- more really exciting news, a few weeks ago dear husband of mine said he had a surprise for me- which he frequently does and they are always good, but this I was a little surprised because it was random and just- in the middle of whenever.

So a few days ago he goes down stairs and comes up with a pile-o-gifts- not my birthday- and not yet Christmas! Just a random Wednesday!


And it turns out- he has outfitted me with a pile of video equipment so I can do more tutorials for you all in a more efficient and well lite manner!


WOOHOO- GO HUBS! He’s the best!

While I am VERY excited- I have to admit my fear of failure and the internal resistance to taking on something new and totally different is BIG. I’ve been putting things off because learning how to edit video is a time consuming process and it’s put me off a bit. It will require some active learning on my part. And while I LOVE learning new things- it feels like a HUGE thing to learn. BUT. I will prevail- and I WILL get you guys some better video!

Like this clip here!

Now- on to the good stuff!

Catch up on the previous posts

My new crystals came from Dreamtime Creations instead of Amazon (because derp) and I spent WAY longer than I care to admit studying these to see if they matched. (pro-tip: they do)

photo collage maker_qutkup1496174619..png

I’d already established where I wanted my stones with little dots on the belt.

20181117_2035592127662552.jpgAnd I jumped right on it and got to it! Unfortunately- I did a bad job with the lines on this on as well and I had to take out three rows of beading and start over.
Thankfully I did- and it looked a lot better that way.
photo collage maker_zykxwc366381702..png

I establish the longer outlines- and then I fill in that tiny space and once achieved- I started in on the other side:

photo collage maker_4nhnht617889923..png

And once I had the outline done I filled in the center bits and evened the whole thing out!

photo collage maker_ubwwmi1833371059..png

And I feel like I didn’t get my negative space quiet right- BUT- I feel it’s close enough I chose not to go backwards:

photo collage maker_nmxhdw1788477600..png

Being said, I decided I should go ahead and make myself a template least I suffer the same fate through the whole belt!

photo collage maker_eoo80g1291215662..png

About now I’m salty I don’t have a protractor in my house!

photo collage maker_wv2c6b2008087323..png

And once I did that I was able to get the next set of crystals on the belt in a more pleasing shape:


And then again- I put up guide lines, did the gold beading (which looks shocking like the other beading- I know surprise surprise)


And then filled in the negative space!


That gets us about half way through the front panel of the belt- I expect a minimum of 2, if not 3, more chevrons on each side- I’m *hoping* I can get them done this coming weekend for you all- but I’m having fancy dinner on Saturday with the man and told him I would cook since it was important to me we have a fun dinner at home- so- I’ll lose time, we shall see. Plus- PHOTO SHOOT COMING UP- have to make some choices on what I want to wear. Stand by for a post about preparing for your photo shoot!

Till next time fearless costumers!


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