Hulk Update- Bra Decorations (Part 13)

10-13 December 2018

Welcome back everyone! I have a new hulk update- we’ve finished up the bulk of the belt beading and I’ve opted to move on to our bra! And I”m really excited about starting in on this process.

If you’ve missed out on the Hulk- you can check these posts here to catch up

I had some ideas on how I wanted the chevrons to be, and I really loved the idea of a fully beaded bra, but I wasn’t sure how to achieve that and hold the shape of the chevron lines well.

My solution to lay things out and figure out how to do this was set out shapes with pins and thread, and I found it really effective for me to see the shape. After a few options of fiddling with this shapes across and up and down:


And then this happened and boom decision made!


The left side I just laid out the pins and will set the stones as I move through and hopefully the thread as needed since it’s not actually tacked down.

You have to be very careful- the inside was dangerous!


Once I got it laid out, I started added my crystals:

I didn’t feel like I needed to lay everything out the same way- just line it all up- so I moved on from left to right and right to left adding crystals.

Ta-da! Shiny and feeling pretty good about these steps during the week. Looking forward to filling in the gaps!  Now all the crystals are added we can start outlining the stripe with beads and fill them in! But we’ll catch up on that next week.

Till next time fearless readers!


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