Hulk Rehab: Part 6

18-22 October 2018

Such a busy weekend sewing and dancing! Moving right along on a lot of projects. The student troop at DDLC is working up new costumes which I’m delighted to help put together- so I’ve been spending some time catching up the newer members and just helping people with problems and fitting issues with belts and bras and lending a hand where ever possible! It’s been a ton of fun and I’m really looking forward to what comes out of the project!

Faux Assuit Belt and Bra
Costume Party!

On to the rehab project, I’ll try to keep up the headway, I’ve got a new pants order that I’ll be working on so it will slow my progress on this costume- but we’ll dive in and I’ll try to keep you all up to speed!

If you haven’t been following along on this project you can check these links here!

Last we left off, we’d started in on embellishments and made some progress edging it!

photo collage maker_gd5iwu108128985..png

Once I’d finished the back panel- I’d moved on to the front panel. I had done the top edge in gold already, so I moved on to the green inside the top edge!

I worked Friday night and made a wee bit of progress on the top edge of the belt.

photo collage maker_3dncs3838959308..png

Sunday we had Collective Rehearsal and I stuck around for the show- the band is always fun and I really enjoy live music, so I stayed! But there was some down time, so I drug out my pile-o-things and got to work! Nothing better than working on a project AND getting to listen to live music. #swoon

Music and Sewing!

I came home after doing my week shopping and dived into sewing and costumes and Midsomer Murders on Netflix. I succeeded in getting another hour or so work done and wrapped up with the top edge pretty much completed!


And that wraps up today’s post for today. Till net time fearless costumers!



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