Hulk Rehab: Part 2

Quick update on this while I have the chance- but FIRST- I realized with this process- this isn’t really a “rehab” it is a recreation. Rehab usually implies you’re fixing the one up- but I am stripping all of the materials off and putting it on something new with a different design entirely.

If you’re new to the blog- you can start HERE to learn about the project and the start of what we are doing!

photo collage maker_x1si5c1069666087..png

After a week of picking and picking we’ve made some progress- most of the fringe has been removed and I’m working my way through the sequins and the beads.

photo collage maker_hztz351529014148..png

Some thing I realized I forget to do a lot is to take pictures of the style of beading of the belt for reference later- so shown below 3 distinct beading patterns.

Top picture is showing the slightly twist edging (it’s fairly long- and I wouldn’t chose to such a length- but it’s a pretty common stitch on the edge.

photo collage maker_xmh2wf967334608..png

The bottom left is the cording with the fringe that was done on an angle and has 4 gold beads and 2 gold sequins and then bottom right is 4 green beads with 2 sequins that have a slight bow or rainbow to them.

I would love to keep some nods to the original costume obviously- which is why taking specific pictures is so helpful.

Obviously- I had a LOT of help while I was chilling today- it made progress- slow to say the least.

photo collage maker_vmhpnz1994892670..png

So after about 4 hours of painful snipping and sequin/bead separating- I managed to work my way through the belt.

photo collage maker_jxviy8353243626..png

About the bottom picture- I had about-e-fucking-nough by the time I got to the bottom picture and all I had left was that last 4-5″ of removal. SO ANNOYING.

When all is said and done- I’m left with this sad belt base- and the a pile of sequins and beads.


And that’s where we are with that! I have some nice ideas of doing some heavy sequins in a bella like style with all the fun block sequin work with long long fringe- OR appliques with the rhinestone fringe. I’m not sure- I want to find a base fabric and figure that out.
WAIT- shut up. I have a green velvet I could use. SHIT. HOW DID I FORGET THAT. It’s more of a forest green than this kelly green which might be problematic- but next step- I’ll pull that out and see what’s what. Maybe I can pull together something as a 2 piece rather than a bra belt.

I have some ideas- but I’ll have to sit and play and look at filling out my sequin stash to make this a little more robust.

And that’s all I have for you all today! till next time fearless costumers!


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