Favorite Make Up Tutorials!

22-25 October 2018

Welcome back fearless readers! I hope this post finds you well. I frequently get requests about tutorials and if I have any, and I’m currently working on some for you ladies, gents and fabulous humans- but I’m on time crunch for other projects and the learning curve and standards for videos/editing is HIGH!  I want to give you all something you might find useful in the mean time! These are some of my favorite artists on youtube that I follow for product reviews and inspirational looks.

I will share with you these fun time laspse videos I’ve been doing of my make up- yes- that’s my eye ball all fucked up looking- it’s what happens when you do make up- sometimes you make ridiculous faces. Also- pre-coffee- this was a lot but SUCCESS!








Okay- now to the good stuff is probably one of my hands down favorite videos- it’s horrifically inappropriate and absurd- “IF YOU’RE UNCLES WEIRD- YOU”RE UNCLE’S FUCKING WEIRD- don’t sit next to him!!!” I adore Willam- he’s rude crude and absurd- but he is so damn pretty. This is NSFW- if you are a little more conservative- this video is probably not for you. If you think Drag Queens are gods gift to us mere mortals- please enjoy:






Moving on to serious tutorials- This is listed as a “Romantic Valentines Day Look” But I really love it because it’s great basic look to amp up for a gig- or something really casual to wear with lighter colors. So I do a lot of variations of this for my regular looks.







FYI- This palette is a really lovely palette (Dream Street) that I use regularly BUT- I have the Juvias Place Palettes (Sahara and Nubian) and I have Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture, Modern Renaissance and Prism, and I have the Make Up Geek Manny MUA limited edition palette AND the Melt 27 Palette, or any combinations of their stacks- and while that *sounds* like a brag post really what it is is telling you- there are TONS of options out there to repeat it this look without having the palette she list specifically- so don’t get upset if you don’t have this exact palette.

This type of look is another look I really love- it’s simple and elegant and packs a lot of punch for more intimate settings- or day time looks. These looks could be pretty with a variety of different shades, so don’t get to excited if you don’t have these exact colors!





Again this is a great look that you can play up or play down with different gradients of a different color and get the similarly successful look- I know someone who does this with browns and chartreuse colors and it’s smashing- so keep your mind open!

SonjdreDelux is- a goddess. I kind of can’t even- I adore her husky and sweet voice and how down to earth she is- but how absolutely breathtakingly beautiful she is. She does a lot of great looks and every time one of her clips on IG or YouTube pop up I absolutely watch it. If you are unaware of SondreDeluxe- do yourself a favor and go watch- she’s MAGIC.



Next up- some smokey looks!

First up the very gorg Jackie Aina. I’ve been a watching her for over a year now to her channel and I love her product reviews and her tutorials. She’s HYSTERICAL and tackles a lot of make up industry issues about inclusivity on product range. AND she’s extremely talented and gorgeous- I am a HUGE fan. Please go watch her new video about her reading hate comments- #enlightenyorself- also she’s got this crazy popping blue eye shadow look that’s amazing. Go on- go watch- we’ll be here when you get back!


And last up – Samantha Ravndahl

She reminds me of me a little and I think that’s why I enjoy watching her- she seems to be a real person and doesn’t mind sharing some of her life problems and has a “my helping you succeed own’t hurt me” attitude which I love. And she tends to be very down to earth and watchable- I specifically picked this one as it’s something dancers or people who want extra in their life would use. This *is* an older video- and she’s gotten a little more polished- but I still really love the fact she doesn’t come off as a big giant fake youtuber.




A few other noteworthy mentions I watch regularly thataylaa, Wayne Goss, Madeyewlook (more FX oriented- but still awesome), PixieWoo and Emma Pickles.

I do occasionally watch Jacklyn Hill, Manny Mua, Laura Lee and Jeffry Star-because they are very talented beautiful people but I’ve almost entirely stopped due to the controversy surrounding them. There *are* a lot of issues surrounding certain endorsers and beauty influencer and I think its important to be an educated shopper and consumer- so do you’re homework!

Okay- that’s all I have for now, this took me a lot longer than I wanted because I got distracted watching all my favorite people. #whoops! Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite youtuber you love- or link one of your favorite videos below!

Till next time fearless costumers!

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