Hulk Rehab: Part 18

Welcome back! I’ve been feverishly trying to catch back up with beading and blogging. This weekend was full of love and dancing but I got slowed up with some tummy troubles but still managed to make some headway AND I did the laundry- WIN-WIN-WIN. If you haven’t been keeping up check this post HERE and you’ll see all the posts leading up and the previous post on where we left off.

I’d pretty much wrapped up the fringe and had headed on to the next step of beading the bra! I had already outlined the bottom- so I set about lining the top.


I finished doing the green and the gold line work then started filling in the chevrons:


I actually had to redo the stones I placed because they didn’t line up within the edge work once it was down. Lesson learned here would have been to edge the top cups and then space the stones and do the bottom line work. I thought I was being clever doing the stones first- but nope. So they aren’t exactly the same. Shrug. symmetry is over rated.

I also realized because of the heavy beading I wanted to reinforce the cup a little bit. So I cut out interfacing wedges and just clipped them on the back and carried on with the beading.


and I carried on along my merry way and banged out the rest of the cups:

20190127_2238047293405272259399222.jpgLooking back- with something SO symmetrical I would absolutely approach this differently for the next go around- but over all I think it’s a pretty good success. I see some flaws but none so egregious I’ll have to back track.

Next up I need to make some fringe for the cups- and I believe that will sewn directly down to the bra. But that will be for next weeks agenda.   But after this- it’s almost wearable!  I have some plans for the bottom empty have of the cup to help make it look not as sad even with the fringe on it.

Till next time fearless readers!

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