Hulk Rehab: Part 19

1-7 February 2019

Welcome back!

Work has slowed for me due to some personal issues and unfortunately I may have to drop down to one post a week for more personal time dealing with some medical issues. But I’ll be doing my best to keep up with a minimum of 1 a week I have great hopes to get this done and start in on our assuit project!

Back to the bra- I made a choice to cover the cups with beads and sequins so it wasn’t so bland under the fringe. This was going to be much easier before the fringe was on so I didn’t get fringe caught in front or behind the beads. So I motored along and got both cups covered in about 2 weeks. Works been slow going for me for sure but we got it banged out!


Of course I did a bad job documenting- and no there isn’t a picture of the cups both filled out with beads and sequins.

Once those are done I lined up the fringe to get started on fringing the cups under the beaded chevrons. 20190206_2255244348347326327180626.jpg

Two days of beading and I have about 2.5 inches of fringe- because the shape of the bead line swoops across the cup and is NOT a straight line, I opted to keep the fringe exactly the same length and let the line of the cup make the V rather than trying to shorten them and eye ball the shape of the fringe and measure it shorter.


I’ve eyeballed the width of the alternating colors, I could have measured and marked them out- buuuuuut I just eye balled it- because I’m lazy.  I’ll be honest. It seems to be mostly working out- so let’s hope I can keep it up across the cup and on the other side!

And that catches you all up for this week and I’ll hopefully be done with that this weekend since I’m staying close to home this weekend. I keep my optimism alive by hoping I can get this done for my Valentines gig!

Till next time fearless readers!


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