Purple People Eater Part 2

If you haven’t read the intro blog to this costume- see Here to catch up on where we were.

My current estimate for costume is 350$ with beads and fabric all in. (I’m starting to laugh at this cost as I edit this current post but never you mind that)

Purchased to date has been

  • Fire Mountain: $65:38
  • Cartwrite: $9.00
  • Project Total: 74.38

I had to return my initial order I can never remember which size I want so I ordered what was in my memory and those were the 11’s. The hex tend to be the right size at #11 but seed beads we want the size E- or size #6. Plus I didn’t really love the colors with my sequins, so that $65.38 is off to be refunded and I have since ordered two colors of hex beads.

This order of hex beads came out to be 68.27. I ordered a silver and a sort of oil slick color.

After a 2nd attempt to order more size 11 seed beads because for some reason someone told me once size 11 was what I needed and it’s stuck in my head. But- I thankfully cancelled the ordered and put in more hex beads and more size E/Size 6 Beads and away we went. The 3rd order came to 91$.

I ordered Preciosa Czech Crystal AB 3 MM Faceted bicones in Montana (a sort of oil slick/teal blue) and Tanzanite (a light purple/blue). I ordered 1 gross of each (approximately 144 beads). And then I ordered Dyna-Mites #5 ceylon pastel grey lilac (1 order of 1/2 Kilogram) and 2 orders of Dyna-Mites #11 iris silver hex cut in 40 gram container (these are the same as in the original order- I bought them as an accent hex bead- so they are to help with the fringe but not be the main fringe- this order brings my total to four containers of 40 grams each)

I also hit up JoAnn’s and got a lovely soft blue and a dusty mauve color that I thought would be incredibly complimentary. The total cost of a yard of each of these fabrics and 3 spools of thread came out to be 34.55.

Joann fabrics

FiremountainSeed Beads Order #001$ (65.38)Returned
CartwrightSequins$ 9.00
FiremountainOrder #00168.27
FireMountainOrder #00291.79
JoannFabric + Thread34.55
Total$ 203.61

So we are at a grand total of 200 dollars at this point spread out over 3 months.

I wanted to really get started with the hex beads because those I can start on my fringe and the fringe takes such a long time but it’s mindless work that I really enjoy so I can put off building the actual costume for a while. I figured I can start on that and let my mind mull over what I want the costume itself to look like. Is this ideal? no. But it allows me to get working sooner rather than later since I still need to be buy my flat back stones as well and I need to wait a few more weeks for that. This is partly why I wanted to make my own. I know what I like and what I enjoy wearing and most of them are in the 6-900 range so make is satisfying and allows me to pay off the cost of it over some time as I collect my supplies. Slow and steady we will pull this together and I”m excited to share the progress. But get ready for a TON of fringe content coming your way.


Till next time friends!

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