DIY Assiut: Materials

17-20 December 2018

Welcome back fearless readers! I have some exciting news everyone- I have new materials for a new project AND I videoed… a video. yeah. Look at me go! making videos and shit. (scroll down for the if you can’t be bothered to read ;))

Don’t judge me for not editing- I’m tired- it’s late and the holidays are here and I literally have zero patience for doing that- so flat out one take it is. YOU’RE WELCOME. 😉

Moving on- I’ve been wanting to get into making some assiut and had few ideas on where to start- you all know I had done the Assiut Bra Resize and I have a lot of costume pieces and I frankly have a hard time plunking down the coin for larger more robust pieces of assiut that I am loathe to cut.  And you know- I like making things. SO. the obviously solution- was to you know- try to DIY.  But WHERE TO START. Resources on where materials were are kind of slim, and there aren’t too many tutorials around.

After some extensive googling, I found this site Goblen and placed my first order!

(edit- with more research I found another etsy shop that carries the thread/needles BazaarBayar but I have yet to order from them)

After a quick two days my things arrived- for about 49$ plus shipping to bring me to 67$- I received two of these metal threads (100 grams each)- traditional silver and a copper color, 3 needles and the mesh tulle.

Metal Thread


2 Eyed Needles

I was a little disappointed with the tulle as it feels more like a power mesh- or plastic than a cotton? But it might hold up better for skirts/beading? Unsure.

Close Up Of Tulle

Dharma Trading Company has this tulle here that looks like it *might* be similar? and you can dye it which is a win! But I’ll order some of that in a few weeks when I have more energy to actually deal with fabric that needs to be dyed and treated first. *AND* you know- I’ve finished or made progress on the Hulk.

Moving on- here’s some modern and older assiut to compare to the fabric I received in the mail:


See my new video rig put to use in the video below talking through the material and prices!

I’m really looking forward to going on this journey with you all and hopefully making some wearable art!  Stay tuned for more Hulk updates and then possibly assiut creations!

Till next time fearless readers- Have a great Christmas and I’ll see you soon!


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